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It’s Getting Hot In Your Bedrooms, And Not In A Good Way

We’re all awaiting the arrival of summer, aren’t we? Long days, blue skies, and heat! It seems like it can’t come soon enough. But, in our blue sky summer thinking, many us forget the downsides of warm weather. Don’t get us wrong; it’s fantastic to don a summer dress well into the evening. And, nothing beats getting out in the warmth and sunbathing. But, heat can make a few things difficult, including sleep.

If you’ve ever tried to sleep in a tropical country, you likely already know this. Nothing’s worse than waking hot and sticky. And, that’s if you manage to get to sleep at all. A lot of the time, an out of whack body temperature can leave us struggling to do even that.

This is especially a problem when your whole family experiences the same struggle. If the heat doesn’t manage to wake you, the unhappy kids will. And, that’s precisely why we’re going to look at a few things you can do in preparing for warm nights at home.

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Change your duvets


The first step should be to change your duvets. You’re sure to feel the heat if you’re still sleeping under winter quilts. If you’ve never changed your bedding based on the seasons, this may sound strange to you. But, there is such a thing as winter and summer quilts. Summer options have lower tog ratings. They also use light materials which ensure your body can breathe overnight. Winter options, however, are more substantial and designed to insulate. It’s no wonder, then, that you struggle to sleep if you keep this on all year. If you’ve never tried this before, head out and buy some light summer options for the whole family. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Service your air con

Air con is ideal for nights like these, isn’t it? It can certainly feel like the only saving grace on nights when the heat gets bad. Which is why you should check everything is in working order before the season starts. If not, you have plenty of time to contact an ac repair company who can sort the issue before it impacts you. With a bit of luck, everything will be back in working order by the time you need it. In fact, this could do away with those hot sleepless nights altogether.

Check windows

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There’s also a distinct chance you’re all going to want to crack open your windows when the heat gets underway. Having a window open overnight can be the difference between comfort and misery. With this in mind, it’s worth checking all your windows and making sure they’re good to go. It’s likely they haven’t gotten much use over winter, after all, and that can cause issues. Window frames may warp out of shape, or handles can become stiff. These are all small niggles, but they can set you back when you could do without. Make sure that doesn’t happen by taking care of things while you still have time.


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