Is Your Backyard Ready For Summer?

This year, many of us are looking forward to spending even more time in our gardens for outdoor entertainment than usual. Is your backyard ready for summer visitors?

We naturally spend less time tending to our gardens throughout the winter months of the year, and we can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors once the weather warms up in the summer. Getting everything in order before we can relax and enjoy the view with friends and family is a problem that is easily rectified when you know what to do. With that in mind, here are some ways to ensure your backyard is ready for summer. 



 Tidy Up Borders

At this point in the growing season, you can easily remove weeds in your beds and borders before they become difficult to eradicate. Remove any old blossoms from your plants and straighten up any bushes that require it while you’re weeding. At this point in the process, you’ll have a better idea of what plants you’ll need to fill in the blanks. If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to add some compost or fertilizer to your garden soil.

 Check Your Tools

Gardening equipment is most often used during the summer months since we tend to perform most of our gardening during this time of year. Even if your tools have been doing nothing for months, in most cases, maintenance is all you need to ensure that yours are ready to go when you need them next. 

With a stiff brush, clean any garden equipment that needs it. Inspect the cord of your lawnmower and remove any grass that has accumulated on it, as well as the blades. Dull blades? Now’s the time to sharpen them. Get rid of any broken or damaged equipment and compile a list of replacements. This will all make keeping your backyard looking great over the summer much easier to deal with. 

Clean Patios And Decking 

The amount of dirt that may gather on a patio or deck over the winter is always a surprise; there’s going to be more than you think when you really look at it. Sweep and wash these areas down with hot soapy water or a pressure washer to get everything looking fresh and clean. Avoid creating slippery – and potentially dangerous – surfaces by rinsing with clean water afterward.

The decks and patios in your yard are the places where people will congregate when they come to visit, and they are also the perfect place for hot tub installation if this is something you are thinking of for this summer, so making them clean and clear is an important task. 

Sort Out Your Shed

You should empty the shed of all its clutter, and you should thoroughly clean the interior. Repair any damaged or loose roof panels or felt while you’re at it.

With a fresh coat of wood preservative or paint, you can change your shed into something completely new. Make your shed seem less utilitarian by decorating it with hanging baskets, a birdhouse, or other trinkets. In that way, it won’t stand out for all the wrong reasons and will instead become part of your backyard. 


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