Irresistible Reasons To Purchase A New Build This Year


When it comes to buying your first home and getting yourself securely on the property ladder, things can be tougher than they seem. If you are thinking about taking the leap into the world of property this year, there are a few things you should think about. Most first time buyers will look for the cheapest home they can find in the area, and although this can be a great method: it can be risky too. 

Cheaper, older properties have more issues and they are often at a lower price for a good reason. If you want to get on the property ladder and move onto the next chapter of your life, consider buying a new build or even investing in your own house builder this year. 

A blank canvas 

What could be better than walking into a fresh, spacious home and being able to put your mark onto it right away? Often when we move into a new house there will be decorations and interior design features leftover from the previous owners. It can take a lot of work to remove these features and our home doesn’t truly feel like our own until we make changes. When you move into a new build though, the canvas is fresh and ready to be filled. You can put your mark on the space right away and it will make your house feel like a home within weeks. 

No repair worries 

One of the things which can be difficult to deal with when you move into a house is the repairs which will inevitably come around. Older houses will often have issues with damp, structure and energy efficiency, and you can spend a lot of time and money to make the home safe and secure once more. A new build home doesn’t have these aging issues and it means that you are able to save money on repairs to use for other things like new furniture or developments. 

Great facilities 

The beauty of new build houses is the fact that the team of builders will spend a lot of time and effort to install the latest and most efficient facilities. You won’t be lumbered with a 40 year old fireplace or a dusty boiler, because everything will be brand new and ready to be used. It can save you so much money, time and effort in those first few months of homeownership. 

Larger than life 

Older homes are often fairly small and cramped because of the way homes used to be constructed. However, when it comes to new houses, space is a virtue and it is used to the fullest in order to create a comfortable and stunning home. You can enjoy spacious kitchens, big gardens and relaxing bathrooms which will make the extra cost more than worth it for the quality of life you get out of it. 

No vendor chain 

Hooray! For anyone who is selling or buying a house, the biggest pet peeve can be the waiting time between your buyer and seller. When you are stuck in the middle of a chain it can make the process of buying a home incredibly stressful. But guess what? New builds are free of a vendor chain! New builds are just that, new, meaning that no one has lived there before and you don’t need to wait for someone to buy a new home before you can move into yours. You can simply sign the contract and move in within a few weeks. 


New build properties are a wonderful choice to make for your lifestyle, so if you are looking for your first home or a new home this year: consider swapping the old for the new. 


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