Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Kid’s Bedroom

Kids outgrow their current decor and can benefit from a room revamp. However, you don’t need a big budget to make big changes. Explore these inexpensive ways to upgrade your kid’s bedroom and choose your favorite strategies.

Add New Wallpaper

Enhance your kids’ plain walls with fun wallpaper. There are several ways to incorporate the new feature, like selecting an accent wall, covering the ceiling, or layering every wall in printed paper.

You can find many kid-friendly designs out there, so pick one that fits your child’s personality. Consider peel-and-stick wallpaper to easily swap out designs when your kid wants to try another style.

Refresh the Bedding

Never underestimate the power of new bedding. Material upgrades can make a bedroom feel brand new! Therefore, you should purchase a new comforter, sheets, pillowcases, and decal pillows. Incorporate your child’s favorite colors or themes, like cartoon characters or sports.

Incorporate New Decor

As children’s personalities evolve, they need a room that expresses their interests. By incorporating new decor, your kid can enjoy fun pieces that make their room stand out.

But before you head over to the home decor store, make a pit stop at your local craft shop because nothing is better than decor you make yourself. You can use pool noodles to create new decorations. In particular, creating a rainbow with multiple noodles is a tip for using pool noodles as kids’ room decor. Feel free to mix DIY and store-bought pieces to maximize your budget.

Make a Reading Corner

Reading corners are excellent additions to bedrooms because they’re practical and simple. You need only a small bookcase, a beanbag chair, and a comfy rug. Place everything in a free corner and consider adding fun decals or signs. For example, you can hang a fluorescent sign with your child’s name.

Improve Toy Storage

It’s no secret that children can accumulate a lot of toys, and storage bins can overflow with items. Fortunately, improving toy storage is an inexpensive way to upgrade your kid’s bedroom. Invest in stylish containers and reorganize your kid’s toys. For example, put cars and trucks in one bin and figurines in another container. Improving storage increases functionality and keeps the room tidy!

Display Their Art

Turn your child’s bedroom into an at-home gallery with their art. Find a place for everything, from drawings and paintings to sketches and sculptures. Purchase picture frames or display cases to hold art and think about the perfect placement. For instance, you can have a gallery wall as the room’s focal point. The choice is up to you and your child.


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