How To Winter Proof Your Home This Season


With winter well on its way, it is time to make sure your home is ready for the harsh weather that comes with it. From checking the gutters to getting help with your heating from Moss Mechanical, there are lots of different things you can do to have your home ready for Winter.

Check the roofing 

A damaged or sliding roof tile is one of the first indications of a potential leak in your roof. These are frequently visible by just moving about the house, or if you feel comfortable doing so, you can climb a ladder for a better look. If you’re uncomfortable climbing it yourself, you can seek the assistance of an expert.

Include some more layers 

It should go without saying that your home will be warmer the more layers it has. Saving money on your heating can be achieved by keeping additional soft furnishings on hand. Consider using weighted blankets, the finest throws, and bedspreads to keep warm on chilly evenings without running up your energy costs.

Insulate your plumbing

Using the proper pipe insulation, especially for exposed pipes, is a simple way to safeguard them. In the winter, pipes that run along walls or are in unheated spaces, such as garages, attics, basements, or utility rooms, are susceptible to freezing and rupture. The hardware store sells pipe insulation, which resembles a large length of spaghetti with a slit in it. Simply cut it to match the pipe’s length, wrap it around it, and tape it down.

Mold removal

There is never a bad time to remove any mold in your property, but it’s an especially good idea to get it sorted before winter, as you will be spending more time indoors. If you find any leaks or damp issues in your property, then you have an increased chance of mold. In this case, look into mold remediation services to make your house safe for your family.

Clean out your gutters

You might not consider cleaning the gutters to be a fun weekend activity. However, now is an excellent time to clear the debris that heavy rain and wind left behind. A wide range of water-related issues, from creeping dampness to significant leaks, are avoided by good drainage. It’s a smart idea to maintain your gutters properly for insurance reasons as well. To prevent water damage to your home when the weather changes, remove those leaves and sticks.

Get rid of objects from the radiator

No, you need to move everything away from it instead of just taking out the house plant that has been sitting on top of it since May. This isn’t for safety reasons; rather, if something is in front of your radiator, absorbing all the heat, your radiator won’t be able to emit heat. This won’t simply make you feel colder for a longer period; it will also make your heating system work harder and less effectively, increasing the price of your heating bill.

Caulk Any Holes 

Grab your caulking gun to prevent chilly draughts from chilling your house. Look for tiny cracks along the frames of the doors and windows. Have someone blow air from a hair dryer into questionable gaps while you run a candle around the inside of window and door frames to locate leaky locations. If the light flits, a drought is present. To save on heating bills and keep warm throughout winter, caulk over the leaky area.


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