How To Support Small Business Right Now

Well, I didn’t think that anything like this would ever affect us in my day, but here we are. Businesses are struggling, people are scared, and we are not sure when everything will end. But, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and you have to try your best to see that light. One way that I am seeing the positive is by trying my best to help out local and small businesses in any way that I possibly can. Here are a few ways that you can support small business right now and a few options to consider — 

Hustle House Health and Wellness

Technically, this gym is located in Atlanta, so it’s far from me, but my friend Alex goes there and loves it so much. Her trainer, Matt, helped her stay active before and during her entire pregnancy and she swears by their workouts. Hustle House Health and Wellness is a small gym and if you haven’t heard by now, most gyms have had to shut their doors temporarily. This leaves small business owners in a pickle. Luckily, Matt has the capability of offering online workouts to his clients and to potential new clients (like you!). He is offering a package of 20 classes for $50. These can be customized to your current fitness level and he will include any modifications you need. Great, right? 

If you go to a local NJ-based gym that is small and/or local gym, don’t forget to support them during this time. More than likely, they had to shut their doors and it is really hard to accept that and basically turn down income. If there is a way to support them by taking online classes, please consider it!

By George Baby

Coronavirus is not stopping the holidays from rolling around. Easter is still coming up and will be here in the blink of an eye. If you are looking for an Easter outfit, or if you are shopping for Easter baskets, consider shopping small and local by shopping at By George Baby. See something that you like online or on their Instagram page? By George Baby is offering free delivery (locally) and also free shipping on their items, which is huge! They are a boutique baby and toddler clothing store featuring trusted and luxury name brands (think Kissy Kissy, The Proper Peony, Bella Bliss, and more). So, if you are looking for baby dresses in NJ, please check out this awesome boutique!

Local Farms

Most local farms sell to restaurants and to the general public at farmers’ markets. With all of these new restrictions that the CDC is enforcing, they are now left with almost no one to sell to on a regular basis. I recommend calling them up to see how you can support them at this time. Maybe that means buying a gift certificate, coming to the farm for a pick-up, or going to a pick-up/drop off location. These families make money off of their meat and vegetables, so you helping support them means the world to them.


As you read above, most restaurants are unfortunately having to go to take out only and some are also having to shut down completely. If you have restaurants in your area that are offering take out, please try to take advantage of that! No matter how little you spend, it is something. Also, if you are able to leave a good-sized tip, please do so. If you have restaurants that are completely shut down, consider buying a gift card now to use in the future. This will help them get by so much in the meantime. 


A lot of people do not consider bloggers a business, but it is. Bloggers (at least most) work really hard to pitch to brands, create content, and promote said content. It is definitely not an easy job by any means and it takes a lot of time. You are probably wondering how you can support bloggers, though. I’ll tell you how! If you see something that you love that they are promoting, consider buying it through their link (if you can). If you cannot buy anything at this time, there are also some free ways to support them (this goes for any business, as well!). Like their posts, comment on their posts (this one is very important!), save their posts and share their posts. This takes only a few seconds out of your day, but it will mean so much to them. 


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