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How to Set Up a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to foster a love for cooking, encourage healthy eating habits, and spend quality time together. However, setting up a kid-friendly kitchen can seem daunting. With the right supplies and a little creativity, it’s easy to create a space that’s both safe and fun for your little ones. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some essentials for creating a kitchen where your kids love to help and cook!


Choose Manageable Kitchen Cabinets

When choosing cabinets for your kid-friendly kitchen, it’s important to consider the size and design of the cabinet. While you may want to opt for larger cabinets with plenty of storage space, they can be difficult to reach and clean. Instead, choose smaller, more manageable cabinets that will make managing the kitchen easier for adults and children. You also want to make sure the doors are easy to open and close, as this will be essential when you are teaching your child how to properly organize the kitchen. Additionally, you may want to reach out to a professional kitchen cabinet supplier to identify the best models for additional interior organization features, such as dividers, so that you can keep kitchen items organized and easily accessible. 

This will help keep your kitchen tidy and help your child to stay organized.

Create a Dedicated Workstation

When it comes to encouraging your little ones to help out in the kitchen, one of the most important things is to create a dedicated workstation. A designated space will not only help them feel more confident and independent but will also ensure that they can stay safe while helping out with meal preparation. 

When choosing a countertop for your kid’s workstation, opt for a material that is easy to clean and sanitize, like granite or quartz. It is also important to choose a spot that is easily accessible to your kids. Consider opting for a lower countertop to make it easier for them to reach and avoid any dangerous reaching or stretching. 

Stock the Utensil Drawer with Kid-Friendly Tools

When teaching kids to help in the kitchen, it is important to make sure they have the right tools for the job. Investing in small utensils that your kids can comfortably use is a great way to ensure that they are able to do what you’re asking them to do without any difficulty. Smaller versions of common utensils like measuring cups and spoons, whisks, and spatulas can be found at most kitchen stores and online. Also, consider purchasing kid-friendly knives and graters with larger, more ergonomic handles and thicker blades that are designed to reduce the risk of cutting themselves. By stocking your utensil drawer with tools designed for little hands, you will be providing your kids with the opportunity to learn more and work independently in the kitchen.

Height Considerations

When setting up a kid-friendly kitchen, it is important to take into consideration their height. You might want to invest in a small standing step, allowing children to stand on it to cook or reach the countertop. This will make it easier for them to help in the kitchen and give them a sense of pride. It should be made of a sturdy material that can handle the weight of your child, so look for something with a wide base. 

Hopefully, with these few ideas, you can soon turn your kids into little chefs who will love the kitchen!


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