How to Lessen The Anxiety Of a Cross-Country Move

Everyone knows the excitement that a move across the country can bring, but it’s not as if it’s all positive. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things we can do, and that’s true even if we’re just moving to another property in our local area. What about when you’re moving to another state? When we’re so far away from all that we know and love, it’s normal that you can begin to feel a little anxious. It’s important to remember, however, that there are always things you can do to lessen that anxiety. We’ll take a look at five of the most effective methods below.


Visit First

If you’re blindly moving to another state, then it’ll be understandable if you feel a little anxious: you’ll be a fish out of water. One of the simplest ways to get around this is to visit before you move. Even if you know that you’re 100% committed to moving, spending some time without the pressure of taking care of all the logistics will help to build anxiety. You’ll be able to get your bearings in a more care-free state of mind.

Bring Your Home Comforts

You’re moving to a new place, sure, and it’s a fresh start, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be entirely new. To help smoother the transfer to a new home, look at bringing your home comforts. You might not bring all your furniture with you, but a favorite chair, table? Bring it with you. Your decorative items that adorned the walls in your old home can also adorn the walls of your new home. You can ensure the big things come with you, too. Many people leave their dog or cat at home, but you can use a company like Shiply to transport your pet to your new place. You’ll find that it’s much easier to feel at home in your new space if you’re surrounded by things that feel like home.

Find Your Favorite Spots

It’s going to take some time to feel at home in your new state, but there are things you can do to accelerate the process. For example, you can identify your favorite bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops. You’ll have a preference for one over another. For you, it might not feel like home until you have the perfect morning coffee place; for others, it’s when they find a bookstore that they love.

Know It’ll Be Bumpy

Finally, remember that even if you do all of the things that we’ve listed above, remember that it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Nobody moves to a new state and just settles into a new life. It’s a process. There’ll be ups and downs. If you’re aware of this, then you’ll be able to cultivate the presence of mind not to react to all the low moments. All you need is a little bit of patience. One day, you’ll come to realize that your new state really does feel like home.


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