How To Help Your Child Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Do you have a child with public speaking anxiety? Don’t panic—this problem is far more common than you might think! Many people, both young and old, tend to become anxious when giving speeches or presentations in front of an audience. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to help children overcome their anxieties. In this blog post, we’ll explore some effective strategies to help your child improve their public speaking skills.


Help your child become comfortable with public speaking by roleplaying different scenarios in which they may have to practice their speech. This will help them become familiar with the process, gain confidence, and learn how to overcome any issues that might arise during a real-life presentation. 

To make it even more effective, you can record the practice sessions and have your child listen to them later to identify areas for improvement. This will help them gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, allowing them to become even more confident in their public speaking abilities.

Break It Down

Help your child break the speech down into manageable chunks. This will ease their anxiety by providing them with smaller, achievable goals instead of one big, intimidating presentation. Encourage them to practice each part individually until they feel comfortable combining them. 

Additionally, breaking the speech down will help your child identify difficult areas and give them an opportunity to make corrections before the real presentation. This will help your child become more comfortable with the material and their public speaking skills.

Instill Confidence

Another sweet and simple way to help your child overcome their public speaking anxiety is to be their personal cheerleader! Give your child words of encouragement before they give their speeches. Remind them they are capable and that they can do it, no matter how nervous they may feel.

Remain Calm

As a parent, it is important to stay calm and collected even when your child is feeling anxious or overwhelmed during public speaking events. By remaining calm, you are reassuring your child that it is OK to feel scared but that they can still do their best. This will help your child stay focused and confident even in the face of their fears.

Public speaking is a highly beneficial skill that all children should practice. With your help, your child can move past their fears and become a confident speaker. Take the time to understand what lies at the root of their anxiety so you can provide the necessary support. A positive approach combined with practice will help them overcome their fears and prepare them for whatever comes their way.


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