How To Free Up Extra Space In Your Home Without Discarding Your Memories


Usually, if you ask how to make extra space in your home, most people will tell you to chuck loads of old stuff out. This can definitely work, but you end up in a situation where you may throw out loads of precious memories just to make some extra space. Think about all the old toys you throw out that carry memories with them. Or, what if you accidentally throw boxes of what you assumed was junk out, only for it to contain loads of family photos?!

Throwing stuff out is only effective if you have absolutely no need for the items anymore, and no emotional connection to them. If you want to create more space in your home without discarding precious memories, then here’s what you can do:

Create more storage space

Firstly, you can look around your home to find options for creating more storage space. It will shock you to learn how many places in your house can be utilized as extra storage. Two obvious ideas are under the beds and sofas. You can easily buy storage boxes or trays that slide under your furniture and can accommodate a lot of your extra belongings or memories. You could definitely fit hundreds of photos in a box under your bed, keeping them out of sight and opening more space in your home. Plus, you can put any other things in the storage boxes/trays that are littering the room – like kids toys, books, and so on. 

Pay for extra storage

If you have absolutely loads of sentimental or valuable items that you can’t throw out, then it may be a good idea to move them into storage. If you can afford it, then companies like Chess Moving can provide storage locations that families can take advantage of. Here, you move loads of your stuff into a secure location and leave it there. These storage units help take so much pressure off you, especially when you’re not ready to let go of items you’re attached to. Maybe, there will come a time when some of these belongings will find a new home with someone else. Until then, paid storage is a better option. Even better, there are storage units for different items. This makes it easier to know which of your memorable items require extra care, like a climate-controlled facility. Your memories are protected, and you’ve freed up so much space in your house. Who knows, you may be able to clear out your entire attic and use it as an extra room thanks to this!

Organize your closets

Be real, how organized are your closets? Most people don’t take full advantage of all the storage space gifted to them in their wardrobes or closets. So, start organizing yours. Most people don’t take full advantage of all the storage space gifted to them in their wardrobes or closets. So, start organizing yours. There are loads of closet organization things you can buy that help you maximize the space inside. It will amaze you how many more things you can put inside your closets when you do this. Again, this frees up so much space in your home -, particularly in the bedrooms. 


See, it’s not impossible to create more space and declutter your home without getting rid of all your family heirlooms and memories. There’s no need to feel cramped, and there’s also no need to sacrifice sentimental objects or photos that mean a lot to you.


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