How To Develop Your Child’s Social Skills Before Preschool

A significant contributor to your child’s success as a student is how well they develop their social skills before preschool. Early learning helps your child understand skills such as cooperation, effective communication, and confidence which all help build self-esteem. It’s important to progress these skills before preschool so our kids can develop healthy relationships—check out our suggestions for building these skills below.

Set the Example

Have you ever heard of the term “monkey see, monkey do?” As a parent, your child spends the majority of their time with you before entering school. Because of this, they learn to mimic your behavior and repeat what you say; therefore, what you do and say will reflect on your child once they get to one of the preschool programs in Warrington, PA (or wherever may be local to you). Set a good example for your kid by showing them how you expect them to interact with other adults, children, and animals. 

Visit the Playground

Playgrounds provide plenty of opportunities to grow social skills; they’re not just structures for your children to burn off energy. Playgrounds help grow social skills by encouraging kids to work together, resolve conflicts, and learn empathy. While you’re watching them from the bench, they’re having fun and unknowingly improving their social development!

Arrange Playdates with Friends

Do you have mom friends with children around the same age as yours? Consider having them over for a few play dates. The more frequently children engage with each other, the more opportunity there is to build their social skills. This also gives you a chance to catch up with your friends while the kids play—it’s a win-win!

Give Your Child Responsibilities

A preschool-aged child cannot be responsible for many chores, but there are some you could give them to help encourage their confidence. Simple tasks such as picking up their toys after playtime or setting the dinner table can instill self-awareness. Teaching them how to do things by themselves can also help build self-esteem along with responsibility.

Developing your child’s social skills before preschool is vital for starting their education on the right note. If they already have the foundation for social development, they’re far more likely to succeed in the classroom. What will you do to help grow your child’s social skills?


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