How To Create A Healthy Family Home

Creating a healthy family home can often seem a little difficult, especially when there are so many things in the modern world that can make you and your loved ones fall ill. Thankfully, this guide contains some of the best steps that you can follow to ensure your family home can become a safe space that promotes mental and physical wellness. Plus, these handy tips and tricks make it easier than ever to get started today. 

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Open Your Windows In The Early Morning Hours 

Keeping your windows closed day and night can be so terrible for the air quality inside your home, as stale air will linger and build up causing all manner of issues from damp to respiratory conditions. It’s vital that you can take the opportunity to open your windows once per day to let in some fresh air, but you may be surprised to find out that the time you choose to open your windows can actually impact massively on the air quality of your home. Making the mistake of opening your windows when you arrive home from work around 5-6 p.m. could present serious issues, especially if you live close to a main road that’s riddled with exhaust fumes from rush hour traffic. The best time to open your windows is during the early morning hours when the sun has just started to rise. Opening your windows when you get out of bed in the morning will allow the freshest, cleanest air to filter through your home – the world around you won’t have woken up yet, meaning cars won’t be filling the air with fumes and big factories making pollution will still be powered down. To clean the air in your home further, you can choose to purchase an air purifier that uses a HEPA certified filtration system. This can help to remove things like pollutants, mold spores, pet dander and dust from the air. 

Make Clean Water A Priority 

Unfortunately, the water that comes from your tap is likely to be riddled with chemicals that have an unknown but likely detrimental impact on your health and well-being. Modern water systems use water that is recycled and ‘cleaned’, more often than not by simply adding chemicals into the mix in an attempt to kill any bacteria. These chemicals are not natural and can likely cause real harm, so it’s vital that you can make clean water a priority. Buy a suitable water filter that you can use for your kitchen – this might mean getting a basic water filter jug with replaceable filter cartridges, or even upgrading your fridge to feature a built-in filtered water unit. It’s important that you don’t forget about your bath and shower too, as the skin is the body’s biggest organ and can subsequently absorb the chemicals in the unfiltered water. You can contact some plumbers to help you do this, as they know multiple methods to purify your bathroom water. 


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