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How To Connect With An Independent Teen

Nearly every single parent is apprehensive about having their beautiful baby turn into a teenager – especially if they were the type of teenager that enjoyed a little defiance now and then. When you have a bouncing baby in your arms, it’s hard to imagine that they would ever be surly with you, or not want to spend time with you. I mean, they follow you to the bathroom to tell you that they have eyelashes – so the idea that they don’t want to spend time with you feels inconceivable!

The thing is, if you can build a good connection with your child before they become teenagers, you may be lucky enough to have a teenager who has a conversation with you occasionally! Teenage years are the time that your children get to spread their wings and dip a toe in the water of independence. They want to spend time with their friends, get themselves a small job and they withdraw into themselves to discover who they are. Some teenagers like to do this without interference, so you need to get your game face on and make like you’re okay with that.

In those moments that they want to step forward and be with you, then it’s up to you to be there and be there hard. In the times your kid is pulling away from you, you need to be ready to connect again (or, if they aren’t ready to talk to you, guide them towards someone like this therapist for teens who they might feel more comfortable opening up to). Let’s take a look at how you can do that.


Get To Know Their Interests

Your teenager is going to go ‘dark.’ As in, the light is going to go out while they close the door on access to their personal life. While they’re doing this, you need to take those moments of conversation and learn about the things that interest them. Providing enthused teenager is going to be a great way to connect with them while they take things apart and put them together. You can’t pull away just because they are: they need you – they just don’t know it.

Eat Together

Everyone gets busy and sometimes, you may feel like you are running a hotel, not a family home. Teenagers come in and out, and that’s okay. But, you should make an agreement that one night a week they cook with you and eat with you, as a family. Eating together at the table is an excellent way to reconnect and talk to each other. It can help you to catch up on their news and they you, too.

Shop, Shop, Shop

Leave your tastes behind and give your teenager a budget. It’s time to go shopping together. Browsing the stores and asking about the things that they like can help you to develop a stronger bond.

Not every teenager will pull away from their parents, but every parent expects it will go that way sooner or later. Be the parent that’s there for their teenager to catch them when they’re ready.


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