How Plastic Surgery is Becoming More Popular Thanks to Hollywood

If you’re seeking a way to look years younger, exercise and the right diet might not be enough. You might also elect to undergo plastic surgery. For instance, maybe you feel your nose is too big or bulbous. If that’s the case, you can choose to undergo a common procedure called rhinoplasty. 

Says Michael Reilly M.D. who specializes in rhinoplasty plastic surgery in Washington, DC, a rhinoplasty is sometimes referred to as a “nose job.” It’s a procedure that’s performed to enhance someone’s appearance or even to improve their breathing if necessary. 

But what other kinds of plastic surgery are becoming popular in 2023 and what does Hollywood have to do with it? According to a new report by Forbes, a recent report on North America’s cosmetic and plastic surgery market shows that the industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, of almost 6.35 percent between 2023 and 2028. This far, the growth estimate is said to be right on target. 

Says the Aesthetic Surgery Society, in 2021, plastic surgical procedures increased by a whopping 54 percent in the U.S. alone. Up in Canada, the primary cosmetic surgery procedures are said to be rhinoplasty and Botox. Almost 20,000 people were said to have Googled both procedures and around 10,000 people elected to undergo them.   

Enter Hollywood

Lots of people associate Hollywood with cosmetic surgery. This is due to Tinseltown being the ground zero of beauty standards and glam both on and off screen. If you’re not one of the beautiful people in Hollywood, chances are, you don’t belong there. 

The simple fact that a major number of both male and female celebrities have felt the need to resort to plastic surgery to make themselves look younger and to enhance their aging looks, is a reflection of just how skin-deep they are. But then, many of these people are worried about staying relevant in their careers and the only way to do that is not to “age out.” Cosmetic surgery can help, at least for a time.  

But one surgeon, Dr. Ali Esmail, who is said to be a renowned fellowship-trained facial reconstruction specialist in the fields of neck lifts, face lifts, forehead reduction, and rhinoplasty, states that the cosmetic surgery industry has gained more popularity due to a wider societal acceptance of the practice.   

He adds that it’s not uncommon for non-celebrities to ask for a surgical procedure that a celebrity recently underwent. 

Fat Removal

One New York-based cosmetic surgeon, Darren Smith backed up Esmail’s sentiments during an appearance on CNN. He said that one of the most popular procedures among celebrities is Buccal fat removal. This kind of plastic surgery is said to accentuate the cheekbones via the removal of the layer of fat that exists behind the buccal fat pad. 

Social media plays a large role, Smith said. People have all sorts of access to celebrities and how they look. They also want to take selfies of themselves and show their friends how young they look for their age. In this manner, people are even willing to admit they underwent plastic surgery. If the Hollywood celebrities are willing to admit they underwent cosmetic surgery, why shouldn’t the average Joe and Jane? 

Cosmetic Surgery is Cheaper than Ever

Obviously, your medical insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery (this includes dental implants). That’s why cosmetic surgery has been viewed as a virtual goldmine for renowned surgeons who can claim top dollar for their work. Facelifts, for instance, begin at around $8,000 to $10,000 in 2023. This is for the surgery only and does not include facility-related costs like taking up a bed for a couple of days and nights while you heal and avoid infection.  

Movie and TV star Demi Moore reportedly spent half a million dollars on numerous plastic surgeries to keep the 60-year-old looking young. Christopher Maloney spent close to $100,000 on plastic surgeries to help him regain what had been a waning confidence.  

But the cost estimates for cosmetic surgeries are said to be changing. In 2023, the cost of many procedures are lower than they would have been in the past, due to alternative operation techniques and the increased number of cosmetic surgeons flooding the industry. It also happens to be a direct result in the social acceptance of plastic surgery as a legitimate practice for attaining your own particular version of the fountain of youth. 

In other words, cosmetic surgeries are no longer considered a taboo subject for increasing your good looks. This means more and more people who have the money to spare will be seeking out plastic surgery procedures to replace the traditional notion of growing old gracefully. 


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