Housework Made Easy: Tweaks to Cut Down on your Cleaning Time

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or working parent, have multiple kids or just one (or none), it’s a universally acknowledged truth that housework just seems to never end. Just as soon as you get caught up on that massive pile of dishes, here comes someone with a dirty plate. No sooner than you’ve dusted the entire house, someone decides to spill crumbs all over the freshly cleaned table. 


Housework is just a necessary – and irritating – part of life for all of us. But as any responsible adult knows, there are ways to cut down on your cleaning time; little tweaks and tips that, when utilized correctly, can streamline your cleaning routine and cut the time you spend doing housework in half. 

Whether it’s a product, a tip or a trick, below are a few ideas to save you time on housework. 

Bins and Storage Space

This is a tip that works especially well for those with small children. Delegating bins and storage cubbies, boxes and shelves for various items will help reduce clutter and keep your house less messy. Having easily identifiable “homes” for everything helps small kids learn to organize and clean up properly.

It works in every room, too – recycling and paper trash bins in the kitchen, cubbies, and bins in bedrooms for clothing, books, and toys, special shelves and bins in the bathroom for toiletries, health and beauty products, and more. Let your child delegate their own bins and storage space to give them a sense of control and participation. They’ll be more likely to follow the procedure if they have some say!

In spaces like attics, basements, and garages, easily assembled shelves, plastic bins, and drawers, and even repurposed boxes can do tons for your organization and tidying. 

Window Treatments and Other Decor

You might not think that something as simple as a certain window treatment could cut down on cleaning, but it does. Depending on the type of treatments in your home, you could be spending more time cleaning than you have to. At your next remodel, why not pick from the Easiest Window Treatments to Clean, and also pick easily-cleaned curtains, stain-resistant rugs, easy-to-wash couch covers and other accessible items that will cut your housework in half? 

Handy Appliances/Gadgets

Investing in appliances and helpful tools around the house can save you on lots of cleaning time. For instance, installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen can reduce the amount of food trash you have to deal with; a dehumidifier in the bathroom will reduce moisture and cut your shower-scrubbing time in half (less mildew!), and investing in shelving for your closets will help organize your clothing, which means less time ironing and putting things away. 


With just a few simple tips and one or two purchases, you can seriously cut down on the time you spend cleaning and organizing your home. Try one of these today and see for yourself how much less time you have to spend tidying up.


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