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Home Repairs You Should Really Know How To Do Yourself

It’s very easy to Google plumbers, electricians and mechanics when things go wrong at home, but as a fully-functioning adult, there should be some repairs for the home that you are able to do yourself. If you are living independently from your parents and you own your own home, you need to teach yourself how to do DIY repairs when things go wrong. We’re not talking about re-tiling the shower or filling holes in the walls, but the minor things that can go wrong that can lead to more expensive repairs should be done by you if you can manage it!

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Your house is one of the most expensive things you will ever own. When you rent a house, you pay for the rent and the landlord takes care of all the insurance, repairs and the rest of the mortgage. They also take care of insurance for building and contents – this means that when the roof is literally caving in, you don’t have to pay for it. However, when you own your own home, it’s all down to you. The money you’re already spending on a mortgage plus all the other things that come with owning a house means that finding the extra money for broken down household items is a killer! By teaching yourself how to do the minor home repairs, you are going to give your purse a break when it comes to getting things fixed. So, what things should you know how to do without calling out for help?

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Painting. When it comes to home décor, painting is literally the most time-consuming job. The amount of work that goes into emptying a room, marking off the edges and repainting walls with two or three coats is huge. Painting can increase the value of your home if you do it well enough, but you don’t have to call in a painter to do it for you. YouTube videos like this one can teach you how to get to the edges properly and save you the cash.

Drains. Chucking a bit of bleach down the bathtub drain and the sink drains may feel like enough of a job done to make a difference, but it isn’t. You have to snake your drains properly at least once a month to get rid of old debris like fat, food, and hair. Once you do this, THEN add the bleach. If there is an overspill or brown water backing up, that’s the time to call a professional.

Doors. Every home has doors on the outside and every room has a door. Sometimes, these are more than one type in the same home. Doors have a tendency to expand when it’s hot and shrink when it’s cold, and my word can they squeak sometimes! You have to know how to tighten up door handles, plane the door if it’s lopsided and oil the hinges if there is an unbearable squeak going on.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s time to adult and get your sleeves rolled up, ready to tackle those jobs yourself!

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