Home Remodel Projects To Get Done Before The Holidays

With the holiday slowly approaching, it can be easy to look at what everyone else has and wish you could have the same thing. Social media really comes into play by showing the highlight real of the glamorous, luxury lifestyle that we hope we can get a glimpse of. The million-dollar kitchens, the beautiful furniture, and upgraded exterior. 

Lucky for you and your loved ones, you actually don’t need to wait until the following year to think about certain projects you wish you could complete until the calendar turns over. There are several short term projects that are easy and simple ways to spruce up your home for the holidays. Don’t forget, if you’re short on time before the holidays you can always speak to an expert home remodeler to come out and help. It’s all about outsourcing the jobs you don’t want to do or you don’t have time for so that you can maximize your time with family over the holidays. Below are a few ideas to help get you thinking about some of them and hopefully allow you to stay in your budget too. 

Kitchen Backsplash

If you are looking to update your kitchen, a simple change that can make a big wow factor is changing your backsplash. As a main focal point, a new backsplash can really give your outdated kitchen a fresh look. The best part is it isn’t replacing any appliances or sanding down cabinets. In fact, it won’t take you that long to install a new backsplash at all. When thinking of the backsplash itself, think of the beauty of your kitchen as a whole. You want a backsplash that will be timeless. If you are thinking of a more economical approach, look at various patterns to add a focal point. Sometimes a simple backsplash such as subway tile, a classic pattern can also elevate your backsplash without having to break the bank too. 

Image: C Mac Contracting 

Wood Crown Molding

This may not be as simple as adding your own kitchen backsplash but something that can also be done quickly, effectively and creates another wow factor that your guests and neighbors will ooh and ahh over. To do the job correctly, I would suggest hiring a professional to assist you. One such company that has reputable credibility in the New Jersey area is called C Mac Contracting. They specialize in various services such as wood crown molding, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, bathroom, and custom carpentry. Their wood crown molding services that operate in the Ocean and Monmouth County and can add a very sophisticated and eye-catching finish to any home. Even a contemporary wooden trim between the wall and the ceiling can make all the difference to a room and adds a sense of architectural detail and stylish elegance to make your home look and feel more high-end. Wood crown modeling can express the unique character of your individual lifestyle and personality by making a bold design statement. 

Image: C Mac Contracting

The friendly staff knows how important crown molding can be to the visual appeal and ambiance of your home and their custom carpentry and interior remodeling can do the job to the highest of standards. They are there to save you time, hassle and avoid the risk of having an expensive mistake at their expense.

Fireplace Updates

Anxious to make some upgrades to your fireplace? Maybe you want to transition your fireplace to an electric fireplace or a gas to convert to a wood-burning fireplace. Or perhaps you just want to give the entire fireplace itself a facelift. You can actually choose the scope of your work you want to get done in the time you have to do it before your guests arrive. You can make in-depth changes such as creating a new stone facade from floor to ceiling or simple changes like putting on a new hearth area. Whatever you choose, you can use the holiday upgrade that your guests will thoroughly notice and enjoy during the cold months.

Update Your Home Entry

One of the first impressions is important, especially when it comes to your home. To ensure that your friends and family feel welcome from the start, make sure that it is clutter-free, comforting and overall, welcoming. You can add family photos, comfortable and oversized blankets, plush pillows near the couch and beautiful green garland on your banister to give guests that feeling. 


If you don’t have enough time to remodel your spare room, consider getting creative with other living spaces already inside your home. For instance, a wall in a home office could be a small bed area for extra company. All of these projects are great ways to update your home for the holidays without being too constrained by time or money. No matter what your project is, you’ll be sure to create a statement and life lasting improvement to your home just in time for the big holiday season. 


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  1. John Reilly
    December 18, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Here’s an easy update. It’s DIY friendly and you only need a Philips screwdriver.
    Swap out the old brass color door knobs, hinges, and door strikers for modern colored brushed nickle or classy oil rubbed bronze finish.

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