Hobbies That Can Help Kids Find Their Confidence

Confidence is far from something that’s easy to achieve. A lot of adults have to work hard to get it and to keep it. However, if you can muster it as a child, it can be a little easier to keep hold of. As such, helping your child feel confident and competent can be important for not just their future achievements, but also for their future mental health. So, what can you do to encourage them to be more confident?


Partaking in sports

We all want our children to live healthier lives and to get the physical activity that they need, but helping them get into a sport has benefits beyond the physical. It helps kids socialize well, learn how to mix in with others and learn empathy and group skills. It’s also a great way to show them how effort can pay off into results, so look for sports clubs near you.

Learning a martial art

You might think of martial arts as just another sport, but there is evidence that it has benefits that other sports simply do not. Martial arts training for kids can help them learn self-discipline, patience, and the importance of setting goals (such as certain techniques) that they have to delay gratification for reach. Also, there is no denying that some level of aggression is inherent to people, and learning how to control and temper that aggression can be very valuable for all kids.

Trying out an art

While every child should be encouraged to get active and exercise, not every child is going to find they have an aptitude for sport and we put so much focus on it that kids who don’t find that aptitude can feel it affecting their self-esteem. However, many children have an aptitude for painting, writing, and for other kinds of arts. Consider helping your child find an art class to see where their talent lies.

Learning a new language

Some children do a lot better academically and like to learn, but might feel like they don’t have much opportunity to do it outside of the class. You can approach subjects not included in their regular curriculum, such as by using language apps for kids to help them learn a brand new language. This skill can be very valuable for their life and career but can be fostered at almost any age.

Becoming a performer

Kids that have big imaginations might do very well as a performer. Whether that means joining a theater group for kids or picking up an instrument. It takes hard work and discipline, but the recognition that they get for their performance can be great for their self-esteem and can launch a life-long passion that they keep up with throughout the years, with your support.


As mentioned, finding confidence isn’t easy. But if you can find the hobby, interest, or talent that your child gravitates naturally towards and help foster it in them, you can do wonders for their development.


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