Hire In Help Or Do It Yourself?

It’s a question that every homeowner must ask when there is an issue with their property. Should we bring in an expert or get in touch with the DIY nut lurking inside us all? There are benefits and disadvantages to each option so let’s look at a few and decide on the right course of action for you. Do bear in mind that the right response may shift depending on the job at hand. So, we’ll also be looking at a few examples of problems that you might be looking to fix.

It’s Cheap To DIY

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You might find that it’s cheaper to DIY. For instance, calling in a plumber to unclog a toilet is going to be quite expensive. Regardless of the simplicity of the job, you’re still bringing in a professional to deal with the situation, and that costs money. It’s always going to be more expensive than getting a plunger, making a seal and giving one or two pushes. Or perhaps simply filling the toilet bowl with water and flushing. Believe it or not, the pressure created from these types of acts can be enough to get a toilet unclogged. Though, this is undoubtedly not always the case.

Or Is It…?

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In some cases, it is going to be easier to DIY and cheaper. In others, not so much. That’s because you might be in over your head when you’re trying to complete a repair. This can be the case with an issue with the sink. To clean a drain, you have to take the pipes apart, and that can get rather messy. It can even lead to further damage, and if you don’t want that, then it is best to use a drain cleaning service instead. They’ll fix the issue for you, and you won’t have to risk making matters worse and a great deal more expensive.

Avoiding Danger

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It is worth pointing out that some repairs and maintenance around the home can be quite dangerous. You might think that your air con system is simple enough and therefore could be fixed with a quick, DIY repair. But that may not be the case because air cons often contain liquid chemicals at freezing temperatures. Any accidental release of these liquids could be dangerous and result in severe injuries.

On the other side, you might have an issue with the roof. You might think about completing a repair yourself. But is this the right decision? If you haven’t been trained on how to complete roof repairs you could easily fall. You might also not be able to access the same safety equipment as a roof repair worker. As such, you will struggle to handle this job with every possible danger considered.


So, there is quite a lot to think about when completing home repairs or even renovations on your property. While it might seem like there’s a financial benefit to completing the work yourself, it’s equally possible that the job ends up a mess and you need a pro anyway.

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  1. Shelly
    December 5, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    It really depends on your comfort level after researching what is required and the skill level needed.

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