Here’s Why You Should Sell On Azure Marketplace

If you have designed and developed a new and innovative digital tech solution such as an app or software, one thing you’ll want to do right away is get your product out to the forefront of the digital market as soon as possible. Azure Marketplace can help you out with this.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using this service.

It’s Pretty Simple & Straightforward

When visiting for the first time, the site may seem a bit overwhelming. However, it’s pretty easy to figure out where everything is, what you have to click on and how to get the process started. They have made the process very simple by offering tools that help you list AND sell your product. From my point of view, they want you to succeed in making your digital product a success in the marketplace.


Whether you’re just getting started or ready to expand into new Marketplaces, the plans are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Make sure to explore each and every package option before you get started. Also, keep in mind that you can reach out to them for a custom quote and that all plans pricing are based on a 12 month annual contract. Here are some of the perks you can get depending on which plan you choose:

  • Smart Onboarding – Get your listing content customized and ready to launch, align internal stakeholders, and go live in 1-6 weeks so you can sell even faster.
  • Listing Management – Manage listing and API communications and get paid when customers purchase through the Marketplace.
  • Order Notification – Consolidate communications into a single notification system for purchases, upgrades, modifications, refunds, etc.
  • Marketplace Data Feeds – Leverage easy-to-use reports for insights into Marketplace orders, contracts, fees, and revenue — in one place.
  • Private Offer Acceleration – Provide Sales, Finance, and Operations teams with a simple way to send and track Private Offers in a single view.
  • Easy Metering with Transaction API’s – Easy Metering provides a simple interface to pass pay-as-you-go or additional usage charges to the Marketplace for billing.
  • Marketplace Insights – Get advanced reporting and insights on sales across listings and Marketplaces while tracking renewals, contracts, revenue, and fees.
  • Slack Connector – Receive instant Slack alerts for sales activity, providing all stakeholders visibility into events as they happen.
  • Multi-Listing – Get features that support your cloud commerce roadmap as you scale to multiple listings on a single Marketplace.
  • Multi-Marketplace – Get features that support your expansion to multiple Marketplaces as your cloud commerce business grows.

Two Offer Types

Azure Marketplace’s offer types can be configured in different ways to enable different publishing options, calls-to-action, provisioning, or pricing. They’ll help you evaluate your options and pull all the right levers so you can sit back and watch your business grow. The two type of offer options are:

  • SaaS Application – This type enables customers to buy your solution as a subscription.
  • Server Based Products – This offer type is used when you deploy a virtual application to the subscription associated with your customer under a pay-as-you-go contract

No matter which option you choose here, the Tackle Platform supports all packaging variations and allows you to monetize through Azure Marketplace, opening a channel to thousands of customers and partners across the globe. Here’s hoping that after reading this, you’ve learned more about this particular marketplace and that your digital product is a success.


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