Here’s A Few Simple Tips for a Stylish Space

Float your furniture.

Before you get any wild ideas, floating your furniture doesn’t mean hanging it from the ceiling. Spacing your furniture – particularly sofas, chairs, and tables – away from the walls makes any room feel more spacious.

To create a social environment in the living room, make sure the sofas and chairs are facing in either a U-shape if you have three, or in an H-shape with a coffee table in the center. This will encourage conversation among friends and family while also creating symmetry in the room.


Speaking of, coffee tables are a great talking point. Finding one that fits evenly between chairs and compliments the room’s color scheme will make for an elegant living space.

It’s not all about the look.

It can be a bittersweet feeling when you walk into a beautiful home and there is not an accompanying fragrance.

Incense, candles, or plug-in air fresheners will elevate the style of any room and make your home a more welcoming space. Plus, it’s that time of year again, so why not give your friends an essential oils diffuser? They’ll thank you for it.

Check all your belongings are in good condition.

Attention to detail is an important factor in any home design, so checking that furniture is in prime condition is advisable.

If you have checked your furniture and it needs a little love, a restoration service like PACKOUTZ will restore your belongings to their original state. The restoration can mend any broken ornaments that might hold sentimental value to their pre-damaged condition.

Top tip: If you are used to your furniture from being around it every day, you may not notice the damage, getting a friend’s or relative’s opinion could make all the difference.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

It sounds obvious, but mirrors create the illusion of extra space, and therefore a bigger room. It’s a wise idea to place at least one mirror in every room, particularly in smaller rooms or spaces that don’t receive much natural light, as mirrors can reflect light into the room if placed strategically.

Top tip: to maximize light, place a mirror opposite or adjacent to a window. The bigger the mirror, the more light will shine into your room.


Layer up your lighting.

A common mistake people make when designing a room’s artificial light is that they only consider one kind, which is usually the ambient light coming from the ceiling fixtures. There are, in fact, three types of room lighting, and it’s important to consider whether a room will need two or all three.

The three types of room lighting:

  1. Ambient light, which is the overall source of light in a room.
  2. Task light, which is commonly found in kitchens in the form of counter-top spotlights.
  3. Decorative light used to highlight artwork or subtly illuminate a space.

For example, for a bedroom, decorative lighting can create a calming mood and aid in the winding-down process before bed. It’s not always necessary to keep a bright ambient light on in the late evening unless you have a dimmer switch. Consider purchasing fairy lights or LED strips. The new glow might even boost your festive spirit.

Put your plants on a pedestal.

Houseplants breathe life into a room, literally. They absorb toxins in the air and produce cleaner oxygen. Elevating your houseplants, if possible, has numerous advantages. First, it highlights their beauty and color; if they were sitting on the floor, they might be overlooked. Secondly, stacking plants at different heights adds depth to the room. Plus, it may also remind you to care for them if they are in eyesight.

Top tip: paint a wooden pedestal in your chosen color and place books under the plant pot to create a rustic style.


Get inventive with storage.

Sometimes a chunky cabinet or chest of draws is the last thing a room needs to look stylish. If you are struggling with where to store the living room blanket, why not hang it decoratively on a disused wooden ladder? Or even a fancy towel rack will do the job.

For narrow hallways, shoes can be stacked vertically in wall racks. This way, your space is decluttered, and the hallway now looks homely.

Lastly, an iconic storage idea is the decorative key hook. Finding the perfect key hook will hold your miscellaneous items in a neat fashion.


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