Here Comes The Flood: 4 Things To Do After One Happens

Winter may be here and you may think the rainy seasons are over, but it’s not always rain that’s a problem in the winter. The ice and snow are both just as much an issue as anything else. When ice and snow melt, you can end up dealing with the same floods you coped with through the rainy season – so really, you need to be prepared for it all year round!

Flooding can cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes and businesses, and while you should have an emergency cleanup contractor on speed dial if you’re in a high-risk flood area, you will do better when you know how to recover from flooding. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at a list of things that you could be doing to ensure that you recover well after the flood in your home or business.


Call In The Experts

We mentioned having a cleanup contractor on file, but you need to call in the help to clear the place. You shouldn’t do any furniture lifting on your own if you can avoid it. Further damage to the site could be a big problem for your finances and the time it takes to get your home back on track. Wear gloves while you clear things and call electricians and plumbers if you need to seal off pipes and wires. Be cautious if you use any cleaning chemicals, and don’t enter the house if you believe that there could be any damage to the structure of the place. Avoiding further damage is a must if you want your home to stay intact as much as possible. The experts can help with that.

Speak To Your Insurance Company

Homeowner’s insurance should be able to help you to pay for some of the damage to the house, and your insurance should have a flood policy. Check through your paperwork and check with your insurance representative to report it. Flood insurance should be included but if you didn’t have one, then you should still call your insurance and ask what they can do for you. Being in a high-risk area, you’re likely to have a flood insurance policy. Even those in low-risk areas should have one. Insurance claims can take a while to go through and after things like this strike you want to be as efficient as possible. By speaking to a public adjuster service they can help accelerate and boost your insurance claims so things can get sorted for you a lot quicker.

Take Pictures As Early As Possible

When you get back to your house after a flood, take pictures – as many as possible. Along with the flood, you may have to deal with wind damage and other ice or snow damage, so photographs will help you to ascertain the extent of the damage and also give you evidence for your insurance.

Restore and Rebuild

The emergency cleanup contractor can restore your home and the mammoth task of cleanup takes time. Make sure that you have somewhere you can stay while it’s all being cleaned up, as it could take weeks to dry it all out. Restoration experts can help you to dry out the house and help you to get everything back to as normal as possible.


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