Here Are The Top 4 Safest Family Cars You Can Buy In 2022


Safest is of the utmost importance when buying a car for your family. Whether this is your first family car or an upgrade on your current one, you need to know which vehicles are safer than others. If you are looking for a budget friendly but safe vehicle, consider using Unfortunately, we can’t run through every single car in the world and underline which ones are safer than others! However, we can take a look at a small selection of family cars that are significantly safer than the rest.

So, here are the safest family cars you can buy in 2022:

Honda Accord

Honda has been a household name for a long time. With the Accord, you are sure to pick a winner when it comes to a family vehicle. Not only is it beautiful and sleek in looks, but it has both electric and gas options. It has a spacious and premium interior with comfy seats, a user-friendly infotainment system, and lots of standard tech and safety features. It’s athletic and enjoyable to drive day to day, and its turbocharged engine lineup offers a nice balance of performance and fuel economy. This Honda also has a spacious trunk.

Volkswagen ID.3

It’s Volkswagen’s first venture into the fully electric zone, and the ID.3 is a fantastic family car for many reasons. The fact it’s electric is a bonus, meaning you save fuel. However, it also happens to be an incredibly safe car that’s built with a very good structure. It is designed to keep people safe from harm during extreme impacts, and it even keeps the batteries safe from damage. There are loads of impressive safety features and technologies packed into this family car as well, such as emergency braking and loads of useful sensors. With five seats and a compact shape, it’s a brilliant car for small families.

Toyota Yaris

Speaking of small families, you may love the Toyota Yaris. It is wildly affordable, and if you browse this site you can find some on the pre-owned market for an absolute bargain. The latest version received impressive safety scores across the board, again, it was excellent at protecting occupants in crashes. Perhaps its best safety feature is a system that monitors the driver at all times. By using a combination of cameras and sensors around the car, it can detect if you are alert enough to drive. If not, you get a warning sign that tells you to stop. This can go a very long way to prevent crashes caused by tired drivers. Yes, it can be on the small side for some, but if you’re a family of 3 or 4 that lives in a busy city, you’ll struggle to find a safer and more practical family car in 2022.

Mazda MX-30

Another electric car, and another new one from the manufacturer. The MX-30 is Mazda’s first fully electric vehicle, and it slots perfectly into the family car market. Designed to be affordable and practical, it aced all the safety tests during production. As an SUV, it’s a slightly larger car that has a bigger and more robust frame, offering exceptional protection for everyone inside. In fact, this car has specifically been designed to keep child occupants safe, further strengthening its claim as a safe family car. With a whole host of safety features – and plenty of space in the back for kids and food shopping – this is a car you should consider.



There are plenty of other cars out there that fall under the category of safe family cars. However, if you want the safest on the market right now, these four are the ones to consider.


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