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Grow A Garden That Looks As Good As It Tastes

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One of the biggest gardening transformations to sweep the modern-world is the grow-your-own revolution. It’s becoming self-sufficient, it’s being able to grow what you put on your plate and take pride in what you ate came from your own efforts. It’s amazing. However, if we had to pick one teeny-tiny flaw with it, well, we would have to say it’s the look.

A Garden made up of raised beds and dark soil isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. But what if there was a solution? What if it was possible to grow bits and bobs that look as amazing as they taste? And what if we told you this was possible than you realize?

To prove we’re not talking utter gibberish, we’ve been busy pulling together a list of unusual and eye-catching produce you can both grow in your garden and stare at in disbelief, and here are the best of the bunch:

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  1. Purple Passion Asparagus

It isn’t just the mesmeric colors that make the Purple Passion the prettiest and tastiest variety of asparagus, it is also their rarity; it is the fact they burst to life for just seven weeks a year. That’s what makes them so special. Of course, you may be thinking this is a waste of space for the remaining weeks but, trust us, when this veg flowers it will take your breath away, which is why wedding florists love using it.

  1. Artichokes

Yeah, those veggies your mom used to love steaming and serving with butter make for absolutely staggering moments in your garden too, which is because of their size, something that makes them almost ornamental looking. But the best part of growing artichokes isn’t how they look, or the fact they deliver edible yumminess from fall through to spring; it’s the fact they are so easy to look after. They’re amazing.

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  1. Grapefruit

All citrus growing trees look spectacular. That’s a fact of nature. However, the ones that really make a space pop are grapefruit trees. The reason for this is partly to do with the big balls of color they grow and partly to do with the large winged petioles that other citrus trees don’t grow. As for their uses, wow. You’ve got the plethora of culinary options from juicing to flavoring, their abundance of essential oils that are used in aromatherapy and the fact they have a serious amount of vitamins to boast about. Mmmm, these trees are on another level.

  1. Courgette

When summer comes around again, there will be no veg you’d rather see growing in your veggie patch than courgettes because, when they flower, oh man, they flower a big, beautiful yellow star. It’s stunning. But here’s the best part, you can actually eat this flower. They have this really delicious sweet taste to them. Our advice: stuff them with risotto and soft cheese and then deep fry them. Amazing.


Growing your own produce is one thing, but growing produce that will make your smile from ear to ear every time you glance outside, well, that’s something else entirely.


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