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Getting Ready for the Office Business Party

Being a busy mum and juggling your family life with work can be challenging. If you have to attend school plays and meetings, as well as office Christmas parties, you will be struggling with time and resources. Not turning up on one of the events is not an option, and you will have to make the best impression possible. Below you will find some tips on how to get ready and look glam at the office business party without spending hundreds of dollars and hours in front of the mirror.

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Plan Ahead

If you already know the date and place of the business party, you can check out the best routes and parking nearby, or plan public transport, if this is an option. Make sure that you book yourself in with your hair stylist and beautician on time, so you can turn up showing off the best side of yourself. Make sure that your partner doesn’t have a meeting that clashes with your party and they don’t plan anything for that day.

Arrange Childcare

Busy moms often struggle with childcare. Ask your family members or your regular babysitter about their availability on the day, or get the kids booked in for an afternoon/evening club. You don’t want to spend the entire evening wondering whether or not the little ones are OK. Alternatively, you can ask your kids’ friends’ parents if they would be happy to have them overnight if you will return the favor at a later date.

Get a Lift or Arrange Taxi

It is likely that you will be drinking at the business party, and you will need a lift or taxi. If it is a holiday event, services will be busy, so you have to make your booking early. Get the time confirmed for picking you up from home and taking you back safely. You don’t want to be phoning companies from the party, and at least you will have an excuse to leave on time.

Buy Essentials

Modern Hollywood Glam Hairstyle

“Modern Hollywood Glam Hairstyle” by Sonya Benham is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You need to invest in some essential beauty products that you can use on the day of the party, to transform yourself from the office girl to glamour lady. If your company throws a big event on Christmas, you might need to go to a 5-star hotel and present yourself accordingly. Get ready by getting all the essential makeup you have to use to look the part. Get tape in hair extensions that are ready to go with your cocktail dress and glamorous lashes.  

Try Online Live Styling Tools

It is best to plan your looks for the business night out before you approach the date. There are plenty of online styling tools that let you try on different makeup and hairstyle, so you can choose the one that matches your personality and is suitable for the event.

Having a work-life balance is a challenge for most moms. You need to get organized on time and arrange your family life as well as your office commitments. Allow yourself plenty of time, and enjoy the day, knowing that everything is taken care of, and you can let your hair down.


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