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You might be thinking about selling your home soon. Or, more realistically, you might be considering putting it on the market when spring rolls around. That’s perhaps the first piece of advice that you need to take on board here. Be aware that there are certain times through a year when you’ll be looking at a far more difficult time selling your home. An example of this is certainly the winter months. Through winter, people aren’t selling, and homeowners aren’t buying. There are a few reasons for this. Some people are going to be tied up in the festive celebrations. Others aren’t going to want to view a home on days where it gets dark incredibly quickly. Homeowners like seeing homes that they are going to buy on bright, sunny days. That’s why late spring, early summer is the jackpot home selling time.

So, the timing is definitely something you want to consider when deciding whether your home is ready for the market. But what else should you be thinking about?

Clean And Clear

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Before you start accepting viewings on your home, you do want to make sure that the home is clean, clear and beautiful. A lot of people mistakenly believe that the state of the home doesn’t matter when you’re selling the property. After all, home buyers are looking at the four walls not the interior of the property or the way it has been kept. Nothing could be further from the truth. Home buyers will always examine how well the property has been looked after. If your home looks a mess or if there is an inch of dust on surfaces, this is a clear sign that the property has not been well looked after at all. It will, at the very least, make them question whether they want to commit to purchasing.

Fixing Issues

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You do need to make sure that there aren’t any issues with the home that could stop a buyer from committing to a purchase. An example would be a problem with the plumbing that can be seen through thermography with a proper home inspection. With a full home inspection, you will be able to fix any issues and ensure that they do not impact a future sale. You might think it’s possible that a buyer won’t pick up on the issues with the property. While that is a possibility, this type of thinking is a little sketchy both ethically and morally. As well as this, if you do sell a home with a major problem and they prove you were aware of it, it can lead to expensive legal complications later.

Looking Good

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As mentioned it does make a difference whether your home looks modern and stylish. Remember, home buyers are looking for their dream place to live, not any old property. As such, you do want to make sure that you look for ways to improve the aesthetic of your property, adding furniture and making changes that will appeal to a new home buyer.


Take this advice, and you’ll be able to determine whether you’re ready to sell your home on the market.

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