Fun Ways To Revitalize Your Home for Spring

Winter can put a heavy energy in our homes that doesn’t fit well with spring. That’s why you need to know these fun ways to revitalize your home for spring.

It’s no secret that getting through the frigid winter months can be quite a challenge. When we finally emerge, covered in salt and snow, it can be a challenge shaking all that dense energy off. We want to feel the excitement of the flowers, plants, and trees springing up all around us and have our homes reflect that. Therefore, you’ll want to hear about these fun ways that can help revitalize and ready your home for spring’s arrival.

Add Bold Colors

When winter comes, we usually adjust our décor to warmer, earthier, and darker tones. So what says spring more than flashy and bold colors that wake you up and spring you back to life? Mirror the colors of the season by adding bold hues to your home. 

The best and most cost-effective way to do this is by purchasing pillow colors with fun patterns and bold tones. As spring elbows its way in, you might also consider heading to your local plant nursery and purchasing colorful, seasonal varieties that will wake up your home even more. 

Include Fun Exterior Décor

Adding fun and bold colors to the interior of our home is always fun, but don’t forget about the exterior of your home as well. Wreaths are always a good option, as you can easily find ones that reflect the current season. However, good-quality wreaths are quite costly. That’s why you’ll be happy to know you can easily make your own using pool noodles. In fact, there is a wide variety of yard decoration ideas you can make using jumbo pool noodles. Get creative and spruce up your yard for spring!

Do Some Rearranging

Is your home feeling stale and boring? There’s nothing that revitalizes your home for spring more than a fun rearranging of your furniture. Consider placing your bed in a different area of your room, adjusting your carpet placement, or shifting your couch to another corner of your living room. Rearranging your furniture helps you see your home differently, welcomes in new energy, and allows for more creativity to spring into your space.


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