Five Things You Need To Buy Before Having A Baby

There’s likely a lot on your mind before the arrival of a baby. Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or you’re well into the third trimester and nearing the arrival, knowing what to get first and foremost is essential.

Not everything needs to be purchased right away, but there’s a lot that does need buying. With that being said, here are five things you need to buy before having a baby.


Moses basket or bed-side cot

As the baby is too small to go into a full-sized cot, it’ll likely need to be in a Moses basket or a bedside cot that fits onto the side of the bed. This is probably the handiest when it comes to nighttime feeds as the baby is within easy reach and it saves having to get up and out of bed, unless formula feeding.

It’s worth getting this before the baby’s arrival, and anytime before that due date is approaching. This is something you’ll need from day one.

Baby monitor

A baby monitor is helpful to have because it keeps an eye on the little one, even when you’ve only left the room for a few seconds. As they get older and start to find their feet, these baby monitors can be a real insight into what the baby gets up to when you’re busying yourself elsewhere.

With most baby monitors nowadays, you can get monitors that not only produce sound but can provide live video feeds too. 

Baby clothes

In order to ensure their closet is full of everything they’ll need for their first few months, a visit to a baby clothes boutique might be in order. It’s worthwhile getting aby clothes in both newborn and early month sizes. 

This is because some babies may skip the newborn size and others may need these as soon as they come out of the womb.

Changing unit

A changing unit is a must when it comes to having a baby. Did you know that a baby will likely result in needing a dozen diaper changes per day? This is an incredible amount of time spent changing diapers!

That’s why it’s good to have a sturdy changing unit, as well as a changing mat for on-the-go options. The choice of diapers is up to you, whether you go reusable or not. However, make sure you’re well stocked up ahead of time.

Rocking chair

Finally, one of the most important things to get when it comes to having a baby is a rocking chair. This is important because it’s going to help on those occasions of getting the baby off to sleep. 

It can be a calming and relaxing movement that can help in scenarios where the baby isn’t settling. It’s not just that benefit but being able to take a seat when nursing or easing the baby off to sleep, can be nice for the parent too!

With that being said, there are plenty more things to buy, but this will hopefully be a good start!


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