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Finally Scratching That Long-Term Wanderlust Itch

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Everyone dreams of being able to travel the world indefinitely. There is so much to see in this world and not being able to take it all in with your own eyes, ears, smile, and heart is a thought not worth bearing and that’s because the reality is heartbreaking. That said, it’s not impossible.

Now we know what you are thinking: to make dreams a reality, you need the funds; you need a Richie Rich style trust-fund or a job that allows you to work remotely. And you are right. But even then, that won’t be enough. No. As amazing as it would be to buy a van, convert it and take off on a life of adventure, traveling the world for a month, a year or indefinitely demands a generous dollop of planning.

And that’s exactly what we’re about to help with.

  1. Where In The World

When the wanderlust bug bites, the first thing you need to know is what kind of traveler you are and where you want to travel. Don’t worry, there is no wrong answer, there are only lifestyle choices. Work exchange, house-sitting, sofa-surfing or #vanlife. They are all very different, and they all depend on how long you plan to stick around in one spot.

  1. Budgets Are Beautiful Things

There is so much to be factored in; accommodation, food, transport, adventure and a contingency that allows you to embrace the privilege of spontaneity. The hard part is always checking yourself before you start wrecking yourself, which is where a budget swoops in with superhero powers. Work out what your budget is and what that translates to per day in the countries you plan to visit. If you know what you can spend, you’re less likely to bend the rules.

  1. Breaking Your Shackles

We all have anchors and roots in the place we live and, while you may think you can break these in one foul swoop, you’d be wrong. Yeah, you could sell everything you own and add these pennies to your piggy bank, but even then you’ll have something you want to chuck in Canning Vale storage units. Then there is the matter of your job. If you can work remotely, amazing. If you can take a sabbatical, great. If you have to quit your job to make this dream a reality, then think about it carefully and don’t burn bridges. Who knows, you may find a way to make your current job work from afar.

  1. Queen Of The Kitchen

One of the biggest expenses, even in underdeveloped countries where your money is worth so much, eating out is one of the fastest ways to eat into your savings. Buying lunches on the moving, enjoying street-food dinners and getting takeouts all add up, and quicker than you may have realized. Our advice: get into the habit of cooking and make it fun by cooking local dishes. When in Mexico, cook Mexican. When in Madrid, go Spanish. Not only will you save money, you will learn an amazing skill (and be able to show-off on your return home).

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