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Family-Friendly Decorating Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

Becoming parents doesn’t have to mean that you give up the design and style of your home. Of course, there need to be some things that you look at and make more child-friendly. But you can have a ‘baby proof’ home that still looks good. So here are some home design ideas that are sophisticated but equally sippy-cup friendly.


Frame Their Artwork

As children grow and get older, you are likely to be inundated with drawings, paintings, and other creations. And just sticking them on a noticeboard or on the fridge can make the space look cluttered and messy. So why not get frames for them and put some of them up on the walls? They could go in their bedroom, a playroom, and even ones that match in the living area. They will give character and color to the home, as well as keeping the clutter at bay.

Consider Open-Plan

When you’re a busy multitasking mum, there can be many things that you need to be doing at home. And moving the baby around the home with you isn’t always ideal. Which is where an open-plan space can come in. It serves a practical function, but also helps you to create a stylish living, dining, or kitchen space.

Get Flooring Right

If you have got children then you will quickly realize just how much carpet and babies don’t mix. Not only can they stain easily, but they can be quite hard to keep properly clean. With babies crawling on them, you want flooring that can be hygienic as well as looking good and being easy to look after. So looking for timber, laminate or vinyl flooring options could be a better choice with little ones. Tiles can often be too cold, and carpet isn’t needed in every room in the house (though some soft rugs can be a good idea).

Choose Durable Materials

With young children around the home, everything needs to be durable. But as said above, it doesn’t need to only be the flooring that you consider. Think about darker colors for sofas, for instance, as well as materials like leather. They will be longer lasting than lighter materials and more delicate materials.

Inject Color

You can use signature pieces around the home that will inject some color into the room. If you have darker sofas, then think about adding color with bright throws, bean bags, or a pouf. They also double up as being practical for children to use for seating, as well as making the room look more finished and ‘together.’

Avoid Pink or Blue

For your own child’s bedroom, it can be a good idea to steer clear painting the walls pink or blue. You can add color, without it having to be one of those. You can create a much more stylish and good looking space with more gender neutral colors like yellow, grey, and pastels.


How do you keep your home looking good but still making it suitable for little ones? Would love to hear what you think.

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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