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Everything You Should Talk Your Teens Out Of


Teenagers are, by their very nature, extremely rebellious individuals. You will find that once your child gets to the age of thirteen, they will be constantly trying to push boundaries right up until they reach adulthood. Most of the ways they will rebel will be perfectly natural and all part of growing up. In fact, you might remember doing some of the exact same rebellious things when you were growing up yourself! However, there might be some behavior that you aren’t completely happy with. This could be something that has a lasting impact on their adult life and could be something that they end up regretting. So, it’s a good idea to think about talking your teen out of the following.

An Unhealthy Diet

It’s fine to have the odd treat every now and then. However, teenagers are often guilty of indulging in their favorite takeouts and sweet treats more than they should. So, if you notice that your teen has been reaching for one too many fatty or sugary foods, it’s a good idea to try and encourage them to enjoy a healthy diet instead. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg is the best way they can set their bodies up ready for the demands of adult life!


Tattoos And Piercings

Every tattoo will last forever. True, your teen will be able to pay for it to be removed in the future if they decide they no longer like it, but this can be extremely expensive. So, it’s best to persuade them against a tattoo in the first place. This is similarly the case for piercings. Even though most can be taken out and the hole left to heal over, there are some, such as scaffolding, that will not heal quite right. So, try to talk your teen out of these long-lasting body modifications.

Buying A Motorbike

Lots of teens want to buy a car so that they can enjoy a bit more independence in their life. However, if your child sets their sites on a motorbike, you might have other ideas. If you read here, you can see some of the more serious consequences of motorbike accidents. As these vehicles are a lot more dangerous than cars, you might want to try and talk your teen into sticking with four wheels rather than two.

Wasting Time

Once your child hits their teenage years, you will need to make sure that they are studying hard enough so that they can end high school with the grades they need to progress to their career of choice. So, they can’t waste any time at all when they should be studying and doing their homework. The best way to encourage them to work as hard as possible is to keep on reminding them of all the benefits that come with a good high school career. They’ll be able to really go far in life and will be rewarded with a very appealing salary!


Hopefully, your child isn’t too rebellious when they go through their teenage phase!


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