Essential Ways To Monitor Kids’ Technology Usage


As technology advances, parenting in the digital age gets more and more complicated. You seek to protect your kids from the dangers of the internet as they become interested in using social media and other apps. However, learning about several essential ways to monitor kids’ technology usage will allow you as a mother to keep a firm grip on what they see and who they talk to.

Limit Their Screen Time

You can check on what your child is seeing and limit their internet time with the help of the devices themselves. Some devices can give you reports on what your child looked at and set limits on how much time they spend online. With this technology, you can know where they are going and help them keep a good balance between online and real life.

Track Their Activity

You also can monitor kids’ technology usage by viewing their mobile usage of apps and utilizing features that filter out certain internet content that you may consider inappropriate. We live in a big world, and there’s an even bigger one online where your kids can get exposed to things that you’d prefer they not see or know about just yet. These technologies can help you do that without you being there to look over your child’s shoulder.

Make Your Kids Aware

You should also take some time to sit down with your kids and let them know about the dangers of their internet use. When they learn that there are certain people they should not be engaging with or getting involved in situations that could lead to cyberbullying, their level of safety increases. In a way, the children become monitors of their habits for you.

Lead By Example

A final way to ensure that your kids will be on their best behavior online is to lead by example. You should practice what you preach to them, even if it’s something as simple as not answering a text or looking at the internet while at the dinner table. When your children see that you’re willing to abide by your own rules, they will feel more compelled to join you in following them.


If you utilize these strategies, you will have more say over what your kids encounter online. Although you cannot shield them from everything, you will have more peace of mind as a parent.


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