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Essential Items Every Child Needs In Their Wardrobe

Making sure that your child has all the clothing they need can be difficult. They grow quickly, and some kids tend to ruin their clothes in just a few wears. At the start of every season, it’s a good idea to take stock of your child’s closet and make sure they have everything they need for the coming months. To help make sure you’ve got all the clothes they’re going to need, here are some essential items that every child needs in their wardrobe.

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Everyday/play clothes

If you’ve got active children, you’ll soon learn that nice clothes don’t stay nice for long. That’s why when it comes to playing or being at home, you’ll want some casual basics that you won’t mind if they get hit by some juice or get a grass stain. Keeping a supply of clothes that they can simply throw on as needed will help to keep their nice clothes for when they’re needed, saving you some stress and letting them feel more relaxed knowing which clothes they’re free to run around in.

Smart clothes

There will be occasions where your child will need to dress up. Family weddings and parties, birthday parties and dinners out can call for your child to dress smarter than usual, so it’s great to have these items to hand. A few nice dresses for girls and some shirts/pants for the boys should do the job, while a pair of smart shoes you can keep for special occasions is also a good idea to have. Take a look at these great tips on dressing your child for special occasions for some ideas on what to put them in.

Quality clothing

While it’s possible to save money on clothing by investing in cheaper brands for their basics and everyday clothes, you’ll also want to invest in more high-quality clothing for your child. Quality clothing is designed to last, and if you want to save yourself the time and money involved in replenishing ruined clothes, you should consider buying a few longer-lasting pieces for your child each season. Items that wear and wash well like Stone Island sweatpants are great and are something that will last throughout the season. Remember that buying clothes that are better quality should last long enough for them to be passed down so they could be even greater value for money if you have more than one kid.

Outdoor clothes

A good supply of outdoor clothing is essential for keeping them warm and dry throughout the year. A good waterproof coat or jacket is ideal for kids who are outside a lot, and a must for when they start school. Make sure you’ve got a good supply of accessories such as hats, scarves, and gloves to help them layer up during the winter months. If they like to play sports or out in the yard, then some good sneakers that can be washed easy will be another useful item to have in their closet. It’s even beneficial to buy them a rain jacket for the spring.


Keeping on top of your child’s wardrobe is tough, but by making a point of being organized each season, you can make it easier. Want to read more great parenting articles? Check out the Kids section for tips and advice.


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