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Why Are Your Energy Bills So High?

The costs of fueling the home are nothing to sniff at. Energy prices are always rising, even if our wages aren’t quite rising to meet them. But it’s not always down to market forces, sometimes the forces putting you out of pocket are a lot closer to home. Here are a few mistakes you might be making in the home that could be shooting your energy bills through the roof.

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You live in a home of vampires

Not literal vampires, of course. Vampire energy, also known as phantom energy, is how much energy you burn through by keeping appliances plugged in even when they’re turned off. A lot of people assume that if there isn’t powered on appliance completing the loop that energy does pass through. But it does. In fact, mobile device chargers that aren’t charging anything have been shown to be some of the largest sources of wasted energy in the home, so be a little more diligent in turning off what you don’t use. Consider using an energy management system.

You haven’t reviewed your energy plan

Most of the time we can end up paying more for our energy because we simply just let it go out each month. If, however, you search ‘cheapest electricity near me’ you will be able to see what energy providers there are and what rates and plans they have available. You can end up reducing the monthly cost and saving a lot on what you spend on your energy just by simply looking to switch provider to one more suited to you.

You’re leaking all over

Think about what you spend most of your energy on, too. Depending on the season, it’s likely to be the air conditioning and heating. Most modern appliances are smart enough to turn off when you reach a certain temperature, but if your home is full of air leaks, then your appliances will be using more power to regulate the temperature more regularly. Most leaks come from the doors and windows, so getting efficient replacements like EcoTech Windows & Doors can help you better insulate the home. This means it’s less likely to be leaking hot air or letting the outside temperature affect the temperature indoors.

You don’t take care of your HVAC

If you’re not changing air filters, cleaning out vents, and otherwise maintaining your HVAC equipment, they are going to get a lot less efficient over time. Sometimes, a drastic increase in your energy bill can be caused by a single, easily-repaired fault within your air conditioning. Make sure that you’re following any maintenance schedule your HVAC equipment comes out with and be willing to invest in repairs when you need them. Just find a reputable HVAC contractor in Las Vegas, NV or wherever you live and get them to carry out the repairs as soon as they can. The cost of fixing it will almost always be less than the cost of your energy bills with faulty appliances in the long run.

Your appliances are on the blink

Of course, sometimes it’s cheaper to replace appliances instead. This goes for all electronics, not just your HVAC. If you’re using an older refrigerator, oven, TV, fan, or any other kind of appliance, there’s a good chance that National Geographic’s guide to energy-efficient appliances can help you find one that will cost you much less to run. If an older appliance is acting up and costing you money in the meantime, consider whether you should replace it instead of repairing it.

Being more conscious of how efficiently your home heats and cools, what condition your appliances are in, and your own habits can save you bundles on your energy bills. Not only can you save more money, you can make a more eco-friendly home as you do it.


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