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Don’t Let Paws Prevent Your Home from Being Squeaky Clean

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If you are lucky enough to share your home with a loveable furry, four-legged friend, you are likely to be happier and healthier than your pet-free brethren, but your home might not be quite as clean as theirs!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re thinking about spring cleaning your home, but you’re resigned to it never being quite as fresh and sparkling as those pet-free homes you visit from time to time, you need to know that it is possible to keep your home perfectly clean without it harming your pets. Here’s what you need to do:

Clean and Bathe Your Pets Regularly

The first step to ensuring that your home looks and smells clean and fresh is ensuring that your pets are kept clean and fresh. If you regularly bathe your pets, and you clean off their muddy paws after each walk – having a little tub of water, and a towel outside your door for this purpose is a good idea- then you will limit the amount of dirt and odors that can find their way into your home in the first place. Just bear in mind that pets should not be fully bathed with shampoo and the whole works as often as we should. So. do your research in that department and stick to water between ‘official’ bathing times.

Build Your Dirty Dog Cleaning Station

If you want to avoid having mud tracked through the house, another thing you can do is set up a dedicated dirty dog cleaning station in your hallway. This is much easier to do that it might sound. Simply put down a thick doormat and set up a shelving unit that contains wet wipes, towels, a water ‘bath’, spray bottles and enough treats to convince your pooch to stick around while you clean him up. It’ll make post walk clean-ups so much easier.

Flea Treat Them

If you want to look after your pets like a good owner and you want to keep your home spotlessly clean and fresh, you need to use Advecta 3 to keep fleas and ticks at bay – there are simply no two ways about it. It’s much easier to keep the fleas at bay that it is to remove them from your pet’s coat, your carpets, sheets and wherever else they make a home!

Invest in a Leather Couch

If you’re a pushover when it comes to letting your pets on the couch, the best way to minimize hairs and other debris is by investing in a leather couch that is easy to wipe down and thoroughly clean. If you can’t afford to do that, then investing in throws which can easily cover the couch when needed and be taken off and laundered whenever necessary is a pretty good compromise that will allow you to take total control of hairs and bad odors too.

Invest in a Pet-Specific Vacuum Cleaner

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Cheap vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners that are not specifically designed for cleaning up after pets will never do as good a job at picking up stray hairs and filtering the air in your home as those that are designed specifically for that purpose, such as the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. So. invest in a vacuum that’s made for pet air and which matches the type of flooring you have, and you will be able to get your home almost to the standard of your non-pet owning friends’ and families’.

Investing a Shedding Tool

Of course, if you want to minimize the presence of pet hair in your home, investing in a shedding tool that will allow you to brush off loose hairs from your pet yourself is a good idea. If you use this daily (ideally outdoors), you can control the shedding of most of those hairs, so that they all come off in one place and you can sweep or vacuum them up in seconds.

Choose a Practical Dog Bed

There are lots of very interesting and luxurious dog bed designs out there, and although they look really cute and in keeping with the rest of your decor, they are often not very practical when it comes to cleaning. What is practical is a bed that can be deconstructed and put in the washer; one which is made of a wipe clean fabric and one which is water resistant. When it comes to beds, you should always go for what is practical first and foremost.

Sanitize Your Pet’s Stuff Regularly

How often do you clean your pet’s bed? His toys? Her favorite blanket? If you aren’t cleaning these things, using pet-friendly products, of course, at least once a week, then pet smells will start to build up and you will begin to notice an unpleasant smell.  

If you’re worried about washing too often due to the presence of chemicals, then simply let your dog’s stuff sit out in the sun, and it will go a long way to sanitizing them. You could also look to the pantry rather than the chemical cleaning aisle for cleaning solutions because things like baking soda, white vinegar and even vodka are great at neutralizing odors and getting rid of bad smells. Use them in the form of sprays, places strategically in jars, or even directly on fabrics (in small doses) for a refreshing experience.

Clean Up Accidents Quick

If you have a young puppy or an older dog, then accidents can and do happen, When they do, you need to apply a cleaner that is enzyme-based to the area as soon as possible if you want to avoid smells getting ‘locked’ in.

Open the Windows

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Of course, keeping your windows open as often as possible. Even when it’s cold outside, will ensure that musty pet smells are not allowed to accumulate. Even if you can only keep the windows open for 15 minutes in the morning, it will make the world of difference to how fresh your home smells.


Implement as many of these no-nonsense tips ass you can to your home, and it will be as clean, if not cleaner, than the homes of non-pet owners guaranteed.


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