Design a Timeless Kitchen That Will Look Good for Years

Thinking about timeless design choices when you’re remodeling your kitchen will help you to create a kitchen that’s set for the future. Instead of only making style choices that follow the current trends, you can choose to design a kitchen that will look just as good in ten years as it does now. It can keep people guessing about just when you had the kitchen installed, without it looking outdated in any way. You can make lots of choices to design a timeless kitchen that will keep looking good, even as the current trends change. Use this guide to help you design your classic kitchen.

Explore Classic Styles and Features

There are many classic kitchen styles and features that have already stood the test of time. When you’re designing a timeless kitchen, start with these styles to find inspiration. For example, a range can look just as good in a modern kitchen as it did decades ago. Try looking at images of not just modern kitchens that use classic styles and features, but also older kitchens that still look good today (or would still look good if they no longer exist). Some styles just never go out of date, so you can find plenty of inspiration.

Pressure cooker on stovetop in kitchen with lid sealed after cooking releasing pressure


Keep It Simple

Trying to do too much with your kitchen could be a mistake. The best thing to do is to keep it simple, in terms of colors, shapes and clean lines. A kitchen that’s sleek and clean and will still be so in five or ten years, whereas a kitchen that has lots of bells and whistles could quickly start to look out of date. A simpler kitchen design is also easier to maintain. It’s easier to touch up any areas that might be showing signs of wear, but this can be more difficult with a more complicated kitchen design.

Integrate Appliances

Every kitchen needs appliances, including a fridge and dishwasher. If you’re short on space, you can even end up keeping your washing machine and dryer in the kitchen or close by. While your appliances might look brand new when you buy them, they can quickly start to look outdated and worn out. One of the best ways to deal with this is to integrate your appliances so that they are hidden behind cabinet doors. This means that even when they start to look out of date, which can happen much more quickly with appliances, they won’t be on show all the time.

Vintage-style Appliances

If you do want to have your appliances visible, another option is to choose vintage-style appliances. These can have a timeless look and won’t look out of date as quickly as more modern-style appliances will. However, you might have to be prepared to pay a higher price if you want something really smart. Smeg appliances, for example, are beautiful, but they’re on the more expensive side of kitchen appliances. However, paying more for your appliances can mean that they last longer, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

Marble Kitchen Countertops


Choose a Natural Aesthetic

Using natural materials or materials designed to mimic natural materials is another great way to create a timeless kitchen. Wood and natural stone are two examples of what you can employ to create a natural look for your kitchen. Some natural materials, like marble, have a classic look but can be expensive. In this case, alternatives can be made to look like the natural material, and are sometimes even better in terms of practicality. If you want marble countertops, make sure to click here and see porcelain countertops here. Porcelain is a great alternative to marble. It offers high performance but can be made to look like real marble at a lower price.

Use Neutral Colors

When you’re thinking about keeping things simple, the colors that you choose for your kitchen can make a big difference. Keeping it neutral means that you avoid choosing colors that will soon look outdated. A white kitchen can stay looking on-trend for a long time. However, it’s also about the shades of colors that you pick and how you combine them. Sticking to one main color is often a good idea, especially if it’s a classic shade like navy blue. It’s also important not to put all of the emphasis on the colors that you choose,

Shaker Cabinets

If you want to select a classic cabinet style, Shaker-style cabinet doors are always a popular choice. They offer a classic look, featuring a recessed center panel in the door and smart handles. Shaker cabinets can vary in their design, with some offering a more modern style and some being more traditional. They can be painted in various colors, have additional detailing around the edges and differ slightly in other ways too. Because of their fairly simple design, they’re sure to look good for many years to come, or at least until it’s time to replace them.


Subway Tile

Another classic feature you could use, which is also popular at the moment, is subway tile. It’s sleek and comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that works for your kitchen design. Subway tile is a great choice for backsplashes or for covering a whole wall, and can also just look good as decoration. You can arrange different colors into patterns to create interesting designs or simply choose one color for a cohesive look.

A Large Sink

A large and practical sink can not only look good for a long time but will also remain a useful feature in your kitchen. A farmhouse-style sink is a great option if you want to have plenty of space for washing the dishes or for preparing food. You can choose materials ranging from marble to copper or composite to find the right sink for your kitchen, and pair it with a stylish faucet that also offers a timeless look.


If you want to create a timeless kitchen, it’s a good idea to look to the past. You can find classic styles that have survived the last few decades or longer and are likely to still look good in another few decades.


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