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Decor Ideas For A Happy Holiday Home

Did you know that more people are now investing in a second home? One of the main reasons is that property is a safe investment for their savings, but it also gives them the chance to own their very own property for vacations.

If you’ve recently purchased a holiday home, you will probably be wondering how you should decorate it. It needs to be homely and comfortable, but not in a style that’s too close to your main home. Otherwise, you won’t feel like you’ve gone away on vacation! To help you decorate this second property, here are some of my top tips.


Consider If You’ll Rent It Out

First of all, you need to think about how you are going to use this property. If you will just use it yourselves, then you can decorate it however you see fit. But some people decide to rent out their property as self-catered accommodation to other visitors while they are not using it. In this case, it’s important that you go for a fairly neutral decor that isn’t too bold or overwhelming as some people might be put off by very eccentric styles of decor.

Think Of An Overall Style

It’s a good idea to use one overall style for your new property as this can help the decor be consistent from room to room. The interiors will then flow better through the house, creating a very stylish and well thought out decor. You might want to buy teak wood furniture online to create a contemporary feel for your holiday home. Alternatively, how about buying some oak furniture for a more vintage feel? Buying second-hand furniture is a great way to nail a vintage or retro interior design.


Go For Child-Friendly Designs

If you’ve got kids, then it’s super important that decor of the holiday home is child-friendly. Even if you don’t have kids yourself, but want to rent out your property for some periods of the year, you should expect that other guests might bring children. So, make sure that all surfaces and floors are easy to clean and wipeable. Add a children’s bedroom filled with lots of toys and soft furnishings. Decorating rooms with stencils of animals and other fun shapes will add a bit of fun to the decor that children will love!

Spend Time On Outdoor Areas

You will no doubt want to enjoy the good weather when you are staying at your new home for a vacation, so make the most of all its outdoor areas. If there is a patio, you might want to add some garden furniture. It’s also a good idea to buy a lawnmower and gardening tools so that you can keep the garden area in good condition all year round.


You might have thought that decorating a second home would be far too much effort. As you can see, though, getting the interior design sorted should be a doddle. As long as you follow all of these great tips, of course!

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