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A Comprehensive Guide To Running The House Like A Boss

Do you feel like running a house is getting on top of you? Perhaps you just don’t have time for everything. We have news for you: if you want to make sure you have a house that runs like clockwork, you need to start treating it like a business. And to treat it like a business? You need to run it like a boss. Pure and simple.

This comprehensive guide aims to help you to do this in the most effective way possible. It might sound scary, but the information here should help you to cut back on time wasted, and even get your entire family involved. Read on to start running your house like a boss:

Get The Team Together

First thing’s first: get your team together. Running the house like a boss does not mean running it alone, nor does it mean sitting back watching everybody else run the house. You need to make sure everybody is involved with getting things done. You can create lists of chores that different members of the team must take care of, as well as have non-negotiable tasks that should be done every day, like making beds. Make sure you train your kids from an early age to help out. They will enjoy it more this way and become better at it. Deciding to get them to help when they are much older will usually lead to them kicking up a fuss.


Determine What Your Goals Are

How can you make sure your house is as you like it if you don’t determine what your goals are? Do you want to clean out all clutter, organize the playroom, or take care of something else? One week you may want to deep clean the house, the next you may simply want to keep on top of all you achieved the week before. The next you may focus on one room. Whatever it is, make sure you have clear-cut goals so you can determine whether you met your objective, and work out what you can do next time to improve.

Have A Weekly Meeting

Having a weekly family meeting ensures everybody is on the same page. You can talk about upcoming meals and plan them together, as well as set a lunch date with your partner to ensure you’re both spending enough time together amidst all the chaos. You can also discuss things that need topping up and figure out who should shop online to replenish the stock, as it’s quicker this way. Make sure you write a list of things that need to be discussed and that everybody is happy with the way things are going. Family meetings are the perfect time to address any issues.

Know When You Must Outsource The Work

Sometimes, it’s absolutely fine to outsource the work. Bosses do this all the time. Your time is valuable, so if you’re super busy one week, don’t be afraid to hire a cleaner. You can usually do this as a one-time thing, or have them come in on one day a week. They are more affordable than you’d think and can help you to have more time for other things. Are there tasks you can split with your husband, such as taking the kids to school? Make sure you figure this out.

Focus On Solutions

Focus on solutions to get things done, not problems. Instead of whining and complaining about a problem, start thinking about a solution right away. Complaining does nothing except make excuses and solidify your belief that nothing can be done. When it comes to your kids doing something you don’t agree with, don’t just say no, or don’t do that, or because I said so. These do not reinforce positive behavior in your kids. Explain why they shouldn’t do what they did and what they should have done instead. This is a better parenting skill to have, as your kids better understand where you’re coming from, rather than just see you as a disciplinarian there to ruin their fun.

Have A Maximum Of Three Priorities

Creating a list of priorities can be a great way to tick things off and get a wonderful sense of satisfaction. However, writing down a list of 10 priorities is a little excessive, and even if you get the majority done, it can still feel like a failure if you have a couple left. A maximum of three priorities will help you to feel more accomplished. Make sure you figure out what is of the most importance for that day, and do your best to get those things done. Just 1-3 things – sounds easy, doesn’t it? Then, anything that is done on top of this can be considered a bonus.

Make Use Of Technology

Bosses always make use of technology in the workplace. Anything that can be done by a machine should be done by a machine, not a human. This automates tasks, saves manpower, and has a plethora of other benefits. How can you start using this principle at home? Perhaps you could invest in a dishwasher. Then, all you have to do is make sure somebody loads it, rather than standing there and hand washing the dishes. There are all kinds of other things you can consider too, from automated vacuum cleaners to apps that allow you to know where each member of your family is, with your kids being able to alert you if something is wrong.

Reward The Family

You wouldn’t reward one employee when the whole team contributed, so make sure you reward the entire family when you’ve worked well together as a team. This could be once weekly, once bi-weekly, or once monthly depending on your budget. Discuss what you’d like to do at the family meeting. You could eat at a favorite restaurant, go to the cinema, or do anything else that you can all agree on.


See? Running your house like a boss can make everything so much easier. Leave your thoughts below!

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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