Clearing Out Your Home In January

It is important in the new year to make a fresh start in every part of your life and get back into the swing of things after Christmas. January is the perfect time to try a new diet, to exercise more, or to make new career goals.

But today we want to talk specifically about how you can clear out your home and begin the new year with less clutter in your home and in your mind.

Here are some simple ways you can clear out your home in January to really help you start the new year in a good way.

Play a game

This might not be possible this year due to lockdown – but a fun way to get rid of your old things could be to sneak one random item into a family member or friends house as a joke. If you get the item right such as a book or a DVD and place it along with your family member’s other books and DVDs they probably won’t notice and you’ll end up with a less cluttered house without throwing things away!

Sell your old clothes

It is so important not to simply throw away your clothes if you have the opportunity to sell them instead. You can sell your old clothes easily through sites such as eBay or Vinted and they will allow you to make a little money back instead of losing it by throwing your pieces away. It is a good idea to do this in January especially considering the money you likely spent in December. Don’t waste the opportunity to make money off clothes which are in good condition because this can be a nice little way to clear out without losing out.

Learn to be ruthless 

It is so important now and again to be ruthless with the things you keep at home and the things you throw away. It is so easy to hoard things over the years from dresses we will fit into after a few more burpees or furniture that doesn’t quite have a place in this house, but might fit perfectly in the next one. Consider how much you genuinely need these items and think about clearing them out and getting rid once and for all. If you don’t use it and it doesn’t go with your interior design- get rid of it. It is as simple as that and once you take this approach you will be surprised how much you can get rid of and how much extra space you find within your home.

Convert the loft 

It is a great idea for you to convert your loft this January to allow for better storage of the things you love and the things you want to keep. You can lay a proper floor, walls and ceiling and add some clever storage to allow you to properly store your Christmas decorations, Knick knacks and things you are saving for the future. Take the time while converting the loft though to clear out old things you don’t need and bring some order to your storage. You can even invest in a label maker to make life easier for you.

Get rid of furniture 

It is important now and again to swap and change the furniture you have in the home to better suit your living style and to also match your style. You can use a storage container to store furniture in while you look to sell them or even pass them on to a family member or friend who might be moving to their first home. It is important to consider the purpose of every piece of furniture in your home and be sure that you don’t hold onto things for no reason.

Clear your garden 

The garden is a part of the home which might be a little neglected during the winter and we don’t blame you for doing this when the weather is cold and miserable! However, it is important to clear your garden during January to get rid of debris, leaves, and weeds which might still be in the beds. You can also consider emptying your compost bin onto your flower beds to bring some fertilized soil back to your garden ready for the spring. It will make your garden look much tidier and more organized. It could also be the time to get rid of anything larger that lives in your garden, such as a shed or mobile home. A quick online search for a free mobile home removal will give you a range of options on how to get rid of your unwanted second home, giving you more space to design your dream garden ready for the summer!

Use our simple tips to start clearing your home this January to start the year the right way and enjoy your fresh living space!


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