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Chronic Pain Management Made Simple


Dealing with chronic pain can be really tough. You feel great on your good days when you can get things done and enjoy life without even having to think about your condition, but eventually, that good day will turn into bad days, and just getting through the day while trying to manage your pain can be a nightmare.

The good news is, there are lots of simple things you can do to better manage your pain and enjoy more of life more often. Obviously, you should always talk to your doctor before you make any changes to your life, especially when relating to your chronic pain issues, but below are some things most people can do to make their pain more effectively most of the time.

Take some exercise classes

If your healthcare team says that it is safe for you to do so, building some exercise into your day is a great way to manage your chronic pain. Why? Because gentle exercises like yoga and tai chi will warm up your muscles so that you are less likely to cause additional stress to them when going about your day. Exercise is also great for boosting your mental health too, and as little as 15 minutes of activity a day will really make a difference.

Try CBD oil

If your doctor okay’s it, then trying CBD oil, which is a completely natural supplement, could really help you to better manage your pain. There are only so many painkillers you can safely take in a day, so by having a natural supplement you can also use to control your pain, you can get it under better control in as safe a way as possible.


Many studies have found a link between meditation and lower pain levels. When you meditate, you learn to get more in tune with your body and you learn how to stop thinking so negatively about that pain, which quite often helps to reduce the intensity of the pain you are feeling. It might sound a little hippie-dippy, but it can and does work, so try adding a morning and evening meditation to your regular routine.

Try CBT too

Cognitive-behavioral therapy has also been shown to help chronic pain sufferers get better control of their pain levels in a natural way. Often, you make your pain seem worse than it is by hyper-focusing on it and all the things it is preventing you from doing CBT helps you to better control your thoughts so that you are more in charge of your pain, and this can really help you to manage it more efficiently.

Pace yourself

If you are having a bad day, give yourself permission to take things slow and only do as much as you can imagine and you will find that you have more good days than bad over, say a month. Look after yourself!

Please do remember to speak to your doctor before making any lifestyle changes, but hopefully. Once you have done that, these tips will help you to manage your chronic pain more simply.


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