Budget-Friendly Tips For A Beautiful Bathroom Makeover

Has your bathroom seen better days, or are you eager to modernize the space and try out new trends? If you fancy a change, and you don’t want to break the bank, here are some budget-friendly ideas for a beautiful bathroom makeover


Paint your walls

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to alter the aesthetic of your bathroom is to paint the walls. Whether you fancy adding color, or you’re keen to maximize space and lighten up the room, painting can transform a bathroom in a matter of hours. Think about the size of the room and the styles and themes you love. Browse magazines and online galleries to get ideas and create a mental plan. Light tones like white, beige and pale gray are ideal for smaller spaces. Monochrome is a great option for chic, modern, minimalist rooms, while jewel tones are perfect for that bijou, boutique hotel style look. Before you choose colors, use testers on the walls to see how the paint dries and compare shades. If you want to be bold, but your bathroom is compact or dark, you could create a statement wall using printed wallpaper or a bright color such as emerald green, coral, midnight blue or turquoise. 

Focus on the finishing touches

Accessories and the finer details can make all the difference when designing a new and improved bathroom. Adding plants, new toothbrushes and toilet brush holders and storage baskets and pots can transform the look of the room. Shop online for cheap bathroom faucets, affordable bath mats, and shelving units, and look for quirky accessories that will make your bathroom unique. If you’re going for an Art Deco style revamp, for example, you could buy gold pineapple, ostrich, leaf or feather-shaped door hooks for robes and towels. These details will work brilliantly with tiled floors and a sunburst mirror. 

Invest in eye-catching storage solutions

Storage is essential in the bathroom, but it doesn’t just have to tick the functional box. You can buy all kinds of units and shelves that can be used to create a cool, retro, romantic, vintage or modern vibe. From floating open shelves and rustic ladders to space-saving corner units and industrial wall-mounted units, there’s something for everyone. Investing in storage is a great way to keep your bathroom tidy and organized at the same time as enhancing the aesthetic of the space. You can choose to display toiletries, cosmetics and perfume bottles as part of the look you’re going for, or you can hide everything away. You can also use shelves to exhibit accessories and decorative ornaments, including plants, LED candles and lotion dispensers. 


You might think that you need to spend a small fortune to achieve the kind of bathroom you see in glossy magazines, but you can achieve a lot without blowing the budget. Simple touches like buying new accessories and painting or papering the walls can make all the difference. Before you start looking at paint colors or buying shelves, get some ideas, look for inspiration and make a plan. 


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