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Balancing The Personal With The Professional In Your Home Office


For many of us, working from home is a great privilege. It allows us to completely cut out expenses like commuting from our lives, and it also gives us a chance to spend more time at home focusing on the kids. So, there really is no wonder why so many people these days – especially moms – are choosing to become self-employed and work from a home office.

However, working from a home office isn’t always bliss as many people find it difficult to get the balance between their personal and professional lives just right when they work from home. But this shouldn’t be too much of a struggle – you just need to create a home office that can help you get the balance just right. Here are some ways to do that.

Add Your Personality

You should create a home office that you actually want to be in. If you create a sterile space, much like a regular corporate office, then you will put off going to your office and starting your work. So, be creative and add some of your own personality to the decor. You can do this by adding plenty of artworks and family photos.

Don’t Forget Practicality

However, you shouldn’t be too creative so that you lose all sight of practicality. Don’t forget that you have an office for work! So, make sure you fill it with all the equipment and devices that you need to get your work done. You will also need an ergonomic desk and desk chair from too so that you won’t suffer from back pain and aches while you are working.

Add A Comfy Arm Chair

The desk in your office will be for work, but it’s also a good idea to add a comfortable area with an armchair or a small sofa where you can sit when you need to think or read. Adding one of the scent machines from so that you can relax with some gorgeous fragrances. If you ever have clients in your home for meetings, this will be a pleasant area in which you can conduct your meetings.

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Set Your Own Office Hours

One of the hardest things that many people who work at home find is that they struggle with their work-life balance. They find that they often work too much or procrastinate way too much. To get this balance just right, you should come up with a schedule for office hours. During these hours, you should be in your office working. Outside these hours, you are free to get on with your housework and any other chores!

No Distractions

Do you get easily distracted when you work from home? The easiest solution is to remove any potential distractions from your home office. So, take out any TVs, non-work books and magazines, and tablet devices! Ideally, you should only have work-related things in your home office.


These tips will help you get the personal and professional balance in your home office just right!


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