7 Things That You Can Get Customized

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Customized things are fun and can make a very special present. You can make them match a person’s specific style, tastes, and interests. Here are several things that you can customize to make them extra special.


T-shirts are an easy one. You can have a message or image printed on a t-shirt quite easily. You can have it on either the front or back or both if you like. There isn’t really a limit to what you can have printed on a t-shirt (except the size of the t-shirt, obviously), so you can make it a special quote, an image of something the person likes or just something that you find funny. You can get the customized t-shirts in many sizes, for kids and adults and males and females, so it can make a lovely customized gift for Christmas or a birthday.


Mugs are another item that is easy to customize where the limits are only on the size of the mug and what it is that you want on there. You can have words or images, much like t-shirts, but this time the gift receiver can hold their item in their hands and enjoy their favorite hot drinks in it. Customized mugs are great for work colleagues or for friends and family that are regularly seen enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. You can make your customized mug funny, sweet, meaningful or a celebration of a relationship; it is up to you. You can also get those mugs that have something on the inside as well as around the outside. These can have messages at the bottom for people to read when they finish their drink. There are still other types of customization which only show when the mug is hot, so it will be blank until they have put a hot drink in the mug. Both are fun choices and give a lot of room for gift giving.


It might come as a surprise, but you can get customized coins. These might be Disney themed, or they might be military coins. If you know someone who has served with the armed forces, then getting them a custom coin to represent their service might be a lovely idea. There are more than a few coins types, and they commemorate various different types of service, ranks, and achievements, so you will likely find the perfect coin for whoever you have in mind. You can also get custom coins in other themes, too. If you know someone who likes to collect coins or loves a specific thing, it worth researching whether you can get them a custom coin for their specific interest.


When we say books, we don’t mean novels. Instead, these are notebooks and diaries and things of that ilk. You can have these customized with a person’s name to make them personalized to them. This will make it unique and a far more meaningful gift. Imagine receiving a regular black notepad. It isn’t that impressive, is it? Now imagine receiving a personalized notepad with your name on the front, your favorite quote. All of which is stylized on the cover of the book. This is a much better thought out and considered gift that carries much more meaning and that makes it a lot more special than a regular old notebook. You might even want to get one for yourself as it clearly labels this notebook as your own meaning it is less likely to be confused with somebody else’s or to go missing.

Video Games

It is probably strange to think that you can customize a video game, but you can. This is primarily done through PC gaming, but it is slowly making its way through to consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is done through modding. What this means is that people have made their own modifications to the game that customize to work in a very specific way. A popular game for modding is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this people have created their armor, weapons, dragons and entire story rich regions. You can customize the game so that it plays the way that you want with different inventory setups and other such changes. This can radically change how you play and increase your enjoyment of the game. A lot of games allow for modding, and it is an interesting community to become a part of which a lot of hard work going into each mod. They are also free, which is brilliant.


Back to things that you can gift if you want to, bags can be modified and customized like a lot of the other items on this list. It could be a simple canvas bag with a handle or it might be a rucksack, there is a lot of choices and you can get one that suits a person. An interesting choice is a laptop bag. You can customize it for a person who travels a lot or uses their laptop (and its bag) a lot for either work or school. You can put a custom message on the side to help motivate them or put some of their other favorite things on it instead. There are some limitation to printing and customizing a bag due to how the material is put together. A rucksack, for example, won’t have room for a large image, but works will work great, and the same might be true depending on the style of a laptop bag, too.


Who doesn’t like a good cushion? Customized cushions can look great in your house or apartment. Whether they are on your bed or couch, they can really show the things that you love and care about. You might have you and your other half printed onto some cushions, have your favorite quotes or have them decorated exactly how you like. Either way, they will make a great addition to your home. They also make excellent gifts, and because they can be customized, you can make them exactly how you want them.


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