6 Tasks To Get Your Home Winter Ready

Winter is nearly upon us, so it’s important to get your home prepared for the heavy winds, rain, and snow that will take place when the nights draw in and the weather worsens. Storms can damage your house’s exterior if you’re unprepared, while icy cold weather can cause pipes to freeze.


We often fail to prepare our homes for the chilly weather ahead, despite the fact that winter is just around the corner. 70% of people fail to verify that their pipes are well-insulated, putting them at risk of bursts and freezing. Additionally, over a third of homeowners fail to check that their boiler or HVAC is working properly, which risks a costly repair bill and a frozen home.

Find out how you can welcome autumn at home with these tips

Check Your Heating System 

It is important that your boiler or HVAC is serviced and/or checked by a Gas Safe registered plumber or qualified HVAC specialist if you haven’t already done so this year. In the middle of winter, there is nothing worse than being without warm water or heating when it is terribly cold! Have a look at this website for more information.

Time For New Siding

Any homeowner understands the tremendous benefits of siding when it comes to the overall health of a home. So, other than for aesthetic reasons, siding is an important addition you need to make to your house when getting ready for winter.

If you haven’t installed any siding, or haven’t replaced them in a while, then you need to treat it as an emergency. Get in touch with the siding company, Approved Contractor, and protect your home while simultaneously improving the look.

Secure Your Roof 

You should replace any cracked, loose, or missing tiles that you find. In the event of a roof being in disrepair, strong winds, as well as the weight of snow, can cause a lot of damage to the roof. Ensure that the chimney pots and roof joints are not cracked or loose. In high winds and heavy rain, chimneys may even be damaged further. Therefore, be sure they’re properly stabilized before the weather turns bad.

Prepare Your Windows

Check the frames of your windows and fill any cracks if there are any, and paint any spots that need it if necessary. It is important to treat windowsills to keep them from expanding and rotting when exposed to extreme temperatures and wet weather.

Keep The Pipes Warm

The best way to prevent pipelines from freezing and bursting during cold weather is by applying lagging to pipes and water tanks that are exposed to outside elements, such as lofts, garages, utility rooms, and hallways. You don’t want to end up away from water for a long period of time!

Keep Your Gutters Clear 

There are many things that can get clogged in the autumn as leaves fall from the trees. If your gutter becomes blocked too much over time, water will begin to collect in your gutter, causing leaks in your roof. This scenario can be avoided by regularly clearing your gutters.

Check Your Electrics And Fuse Box 

Electricity is one of the most common reasons for homeowners to make insurance claims. The wiring and fuse box in your home need to be checked by a registered electrician if you haven’t done so recently.


This post should help you to get your home ready for the winter. Do you have any other tips that could help to prepare your home? Please share some in the comments below.


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