6 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Upgrade Ideas


Your home is your castle, and you deserve a bedroom that’s fit for royalty.

Those sentiments are especially true in the current situation as social activities are limited due to the pandemic. While it is important to update your kitchen and living spaces too, you should not overlook the bedroom. After all, you’ll spend at least one-third of your life in this part of the home. So, you don’t want to get it wrong.

Still, with it being 2021, you’d much prefer budget-friendly bedroom improvements. Here are six of the best.

#1. Update your bed on the cheap

If your bedroom is ever to be fit for royalty, you’ll need a bed that lets you sleep like a king. Sadly, the cost of replacing a mattress will send shivers down your spine. So, unless yours is genuinely causing discomfort, you can probably look for a better solution.

When you know where to find affordable bedding, it is possible to revolutionize your sleeping patterns for under $100. The fresh, comfortable pillows and sheets are combined with the knowledge that you’ve got a great deal. In turn, you’ll be left sleeping like a baby.

In turn, you can start and end each day in style to make your life far more enjoyable.

#2. Upgrade your drapes

The drapes will influence the atmosphere within any room. Nonetheless, their impact in the bedroom is even greater as they regulate how much light enters the room. Likewise, they are a central feature for limiting heat loss in winter and air circulation in the summer.

Once again, replacing the drapes with a luxury new pair can cost hundreds. If you love the design of your current option, why not add an internal liner. The materials will cost just a few dollars and will make the drapes thicker to block heat loss and natural light.

Aside from being a cost-effective solution, it’s a quick upgrade too.

#3. Change wall colors


Color schemes are the first thing you’ll notice about any room. When dealing with the bedroom, you’ll want to find the right balance between calming tones and an injection of personality. On the other hand, you do not want the space to feel claustrophobic.

One of the best options, especially for modest-sized rooms is to create a feature wall. You may be able to source cheap end of the season wallpaper, especially as you only need small volumes. Consider this adorable Koala wallpaper. If not, paint is a cheap and cheerful answer. You can always change at a later date.

The fresh energy will make you fall in love with the bedroom all over again.

#4. Upcycle the wardrobes

Whether you have built-in wardrobes or freestanding units doesn’t matter. They can begin to look a little old and tired after some time. Replacing them with new made-to-measure units will sound appealing. In reality, the costs mean they are rarely good value for money.

There are plenty of ways that you can revamp the wardrobes on the cheap. New handles are a particularly good solution. Whether opting for a modern chrome look or vintage brass is up to you. Either way, it can completely overhaul the atmosphere of the room.

If the wood is damaged, a little sanding and painting go a long way too.


#5. Utilize the walls

The bedroom is supposed to provide a little emotional comfort. Aside from creating a better color scheme, the walls can be used to tell your story. From celebrating your family relationships to focusing on your passions, this is an easy way to change up the room.

Turning family photos into canvas art is a great option. Alternatively, you can add shelving to place medals, ornaments, and other materials. By using the walls, you won’t lose valuable floor space either. So, you can retain the relaxed vibe you crave.

Better still, this step can be used to upgrade a child’s room.

#6. Add a bedside shelf

Bedside cabinets aren’t massively expensive, but they do cost a lot for what they are. Moreover, you will be limited in size unless you get a bespoke version. It may be better to install a shelf as you can maximize the available space and make use of small areas.

The shelf option also gives you the option to store a waste paper basket next to the bed. Alternatively, you could keep slippers there. Either way, the simple DIY project won’t cost much. Moreover, the unique appeal will give the bedroom an extra appeal

Whether you want to add it to one side or both, the room will look far more distinguished.


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