5 Ways to Make Your Pool Area Even Better

During the summer, your pool area is probably where you and the family can be found every weekend. After a long week of work, summer camp, and running the kids to practice, you need a break! Does your pool provide the sense of relief you’re looking for? If you have a nice porch, patio, or enclosed pool area, there are many little home improvement projects that you can do to enhance it for an even better summertime experience. From comfort level and convenience to the overall visual appeal, you can make your backyard pool area feel like a relaxing getaway with just a few tweaks!

Add More Seating Options

One easy way to make your pool area feel more inviting is by having enough seating options. While it may be seldom that you have company over, you want to have seats for them should you throw a party, or the kids have friends over. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re pulling chairs from inside your home to accommodate your guests. You can achieve this by adding options like pool chairs, stone benches, stools, and more. This way, you have different types of seating that add to the look of your pool area.

Landscape Lighting for the Perfect Nighttime Ambience

Who says the fun has to end when the sun goes down? Add some landscape lighting around the pool and your porch or patio for the perfect ambiance. You’ll be able to chat with family and friends under the night sky while the kids continue to play. With enough lighting, you can also allow them to take part in some nighttime swimming! Choose lights that are operated by sensors, so they automatically shut off when the family is ready to head in for the night. Some examples of landscape lighting include pathway lights, twinkle lights, wall lights, and overhead lighting in an enclosed patio or porch area.

Screen In Your Pool Area

Enhance your shaded areas in your backyard by enclosing your patio or porch. You can make these places feel like relaxing cabanas when you install window screens in the enclosures. Patio screen is made of heavy-duty fiberglass, so you don’t need to worry about it denting or tearing when the kids or pets press on it. It’s also an effective force against problems with insects like mosquitos, wasps, spiders, and more. You and your family can relax in peace without dealing with a swarm of pesky mosquitos! Plus, the tight weave of the screen material will help cut down on the sun’s glare and heat, so the enclosed area is more comfortable to occupy. Worried screens won’t fare well during storms? Typically, patio screens hold up great during thunderstorms and high winds.

Bring in More Greenery

It’s so easy to bring plant life into your pool area to brighten up the sights! For your enclosed patio or porch, add a few potted plants that perform well in shady areas. It’s a great location for tall, luscious greenery to make the area feel tropical. In your yard around the pool, plant flowers, shrubs, and other greenery that makes sense according to your climate. What will thrive in New England summers will likely not fare well in the Texas heat. Adding plant life to your pool area will make it feel livelier and more vibrant, especially when you bring in decorative gravel.

Consider Professional Pool Landscaping

Adding a few plants and a bit of lighting can make all of the difference to your pool area and it won’t be that expensive. However, if you want to make some big changes, you should consider hiring a pool and landscape design specialist. They can help you create a patio or decking area around the pool where you can have lots of nice furniture. You could even install a built-in BBQ and create an outdoor dining area. Adding some covered areas with a gazebo or pergola is a brilliant way to make the pool area more comfortable on hot days too.


If you want to make the pool an even bigger feature in your outdoor space and build an area where you can relax in the evenings, professional pool landscaping is the way to go. If you think about things like outdoor heating, you can get more use out of the space in the winter, even if it’s a bit cold for swimming. Although professional landscaping is more of an investment, it will increase the value of the property so you will earn that money back in the future.


These are a few ways in which you can make your pool area feel more like a vacation than a mere pool in a backyard. There are so many other ways in which you can incorporate your family’s unique personalities into your pool area’s overall appearance. Maybe you all enjoy fun signage that can be hung on your fences. Or maybe you appreciate the beauty of stone sculptures and want to add a few to your patio. Whatever the case, it doesn’t need to be complicated when upgrading your pool area. Many of the above can be done well within a specific budget. For window screens, you can choose to assemble your own to save big on shipping costs and labor. Landscape lighting is relatively affordable, especially if you get creative with options like twinkle lights.


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