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5 Things You Need To Say To Your Parents (While You Still Have Time)


Our parents are the people who brought us into the world, showed us how to live, and who gave us stability in our rocky times. While our parents aren’t perfect – nobody is – they are often the people we have turned to, for both love and support. We need to be thankful for them. And yet they won’t be here forever. There will be a time when they become frail and old; that time when they enter a care home and are no longer able to look after us like they once did. There will be a time when they die, and we will no longer have the opportunity to say the things we should have said when they were here with us. One day it will be too late! There are probably a thousand things you want to say to them, but we have come up with a short list of five. Feel free to add to this list, and let your parents know how you feel while you still have them around.

  1. Thank you for everything you have done for me

From the tiny things to the huge things, thank them for all the ways they have been there for you in your life. Be thankful for the times they have lifted you up, supported you in times of crisis, and corrected you for your wrongdoings. Thank them for the way they have shaped your life due to their ongoing care throughout your life. Thank them for the parenting hacks they have taught you to help you with your children. Thank them for being there for the good and the bad.

  1. I forgive you

Resentment will only eat you up inside, so while your parents will have made mistakes and hurt you over the years, you don’t want to leave it too late to show them forgiveness. You will feel better if you do, and your parents will appreciate it too. When forgiveness happens, a time of healing is allowed to take place.

  1. I’m sorry

Guess what? You’re not perfect, either. While your parents will probably offer you unconditional love in all circumstances, there is no harm in telling them you’re sorry. You may have said something that hurt their feelings, or you may have done something that has caused them to worry. Whatever it is, if there is anything you know you should say sorry about, don’t delay and do it today.

  1. I’m here for you

You may be living next door or a thousand miles away, but don’t be absent from your parents lives for long. They may need help with a particular problem, or they may just want to talk. Wherever you are in life, show them you care by your presence, even if it’s a regular phone call or facetime on Skype. There will be times when you miss them, but remember that they miss you too.

  1. I love you

Three short words but they say so much. In fact, if you only tell them one thing from this list, make it this one. These words are what every parent wants to hear, and they cover all bases. You could say it with a card, or with flowers, but your parents will be thrilled and overjoyed when you say it to them in person.

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