5 Summer Landscaping Inspiration Ideas

While we’ve all been confined to our homes for the last few months, it’s probably a topic of conversation amongst those that you live with on what to improve both inside and outside. Perhaps you decided to take on a new remodeling project in the basement or rearrange your clothes in your closet. Now that summer is here, we’re all planning on staying outdoors so add landscaping inspiration to your summer list of things to get done. If you’re like myself, I have no idea where to even begin when it comes to landscaping. The design of creativity along with natural elements can help push the aesthetics of your home further than you ever thought possible. Below are a few ideas to keep your inspiration flowing when it comes to your outdoor oasis. 

Have A Design In Place

With any large scale project like your landscaping, you’ll want to have a good result if you have a carefully designed plan in place. Enlisting the help of a professional could help you with whatever you want to do. Without having a design for your property, your landscaping might be overthought, won’t function, or look disjointed. A designer is there to help review your space, listen to your ideas, and execute with their expertise as well. Perhaps you’re thinking you want a fireplace for weekend activities around a campfire with neighbors. You might want a garden to fill up any dead space you aren’t sure what to use. Take your time and add other features that might work.

Pro Or No

The next big question to try and attempt it yourself or hire a professional to give you some great ideas. The most common mistake a new homeowner can make when taking on a huge project is taking one piecemeal approach to it. They’ll work in one area of the yard at a time without knowing how it will flow together once it’s complete. This also can lead to negative affect if you are looking to resell your home in the future. Make sure you are confident in your skills plus your time commitment before you do attempt such a tedious project. On the other hand, you could have a professional landscaping designer to help you. They’ll know what materials you’ll need, the features you want to install, what works where and can help minimize your stress with complex installation issues. 

Image: Onorato Landscaping, LLC 


One way to add a comfortable and welcoming seating area for your guests, neighbors, and yourself is adding a firepit. Onorato Landscaping, LLC, a helpful New Jersey business, can assist you in this. They put together incredible firepits in the Bergen County area. Not only can they offer you a custom fire pit but also a fireplace as well. The friendly staff has several ideas to bring comfort from the inside to the outside of your home in just a few hours of their time. Whatever your dreams of having a fireplace or fire pit in your home, the team can put it together. 

Creating Lighting Ambiance

Many homeowners want to enhance their landscaping design by adding lighting ambiance to the backyard or front porch area. By adding lighting to main living spaces such as your front porch or patio area, this brings more people to want to enjoy the outdoors together, especially when it starts to become dark. Thankfully in the summer months, the sun does go down later so you can enjoy the outdoors a little longer with friends.

Artificial Grass

If you are thinking about not wanting to mow your lawn, try artificial grass instead. This type of grass comes in all different lengths, shades, and thickness. The best part about this grass is it truly looks and feels like the real thing. You don’t need to worry about any brown spots, over or underwatering, or again mowing your lawn. This might be a great option for those that live in warmer clients such as the east coast or the west coast by the ocean. Having all that sand stuck in your grass might make it more difficult for you to push your lawnmower through all of that. 


If you’re thinking about any home renovation projects this summer, do it to a place where you’ll be enjoying most of your time for the next few months, which includes your outdoors. Having a well-manicured lawn, a welcoming landscaping home both in the front and back can bring your vision to life and you wanting to spend more time outside than in. What are some of your must-have landscaping inspirations that you’d like to get done in the next few months? 


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