5 Reasons You Should Have a Baby Shower


The arrival of a new life in the family is a joyous time and definitely an event worth celebrating, and with a little help from your friends, the baby shower will give everyone a chance to express their joy. With all the stress you’ve been through, you owe it to yourself to let your hair down a little, and with that in mind, here are a few good reasons to arrange a party to celebrate the new arrival.

1. You Have Earned It – Pregnancy takes its toll on a woman, and now that your baby has arrived and you have left the maternity hospital, this is the perfect time for a little enjoyment. Your friends would love to help out with the arrangements, while you can relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.

2. Essential Items – Taking care of a new-born baby sure does require a lot of essentials, and with online suppliers of the best baby shower gifts, you can create a list and all of your guests will bring something that you desperately need. You can never have enough baby wipes, soft towels, and, of course, bath time stuff, and the online store has so many gift options, you won’t get any duplicates.

3. Introducing the Baby – A baby shower is the perfect opportunity to present the baby to their family, and while it might not seem that the infant knows what’s going on, the sooner they are exposed to the family members, the better. If you invite the children of family and close friends, they will also have a chance to meet the new arrival. All of your friends will be eagerly awaiting the chance to meet the baby and will shower him or her with lovely gifts, not to mention love and kisses.


4. Sheer Enjoyment – Any social gathering is meant to be a fun occasion, and with such great news, there’s no better time to have fun. You could tell all your friends about your plan, and maybe even create a theme for the party, which will make everyone happy to play their part in what will be a memorable occasion.

5. Photos to Treasure – Think all the many photos you will have, and if they are all saved in a special album, it will be something to show your child when they are older. Growing up is a special time, and with lots of photos, you have something to look back on in later years, and your child will certainly thank you for that.


If your friends are willing to help, you won’t have to do anything, and when all of your friends turn up bearing gifts, you can relax together and take a breather from the constant demands of being a new mother. There’s no way that any of your friends will allow you to do anything, except be there, and all of the gifts you receive will be warmly appreciated by both mom and baby.


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