5 Memorable Photos Every Parent Should Plan

Starting a family is an exciting and emotional adventure. As parents, you want to record the milestones of the beautiful journey with your children. We appreciate that it can be hard to figure out what matters and what doesn’t. Every moment with your baby is precious, regardless of their age. Nowadays, it is popular for parents to create a memory photo album of all the important moments of their child’s life. Many parents create a unique memory album and box that encompass precious milestones, from their first step to their first car. The album makes a wonderfully meaningful wedding present. But in the meantime, you need to pick some of the most significant milestones in the life of your child. Here’s some guidance to get you started on the best photos you want to keep:


#1. Maternity session

Maternity photos mark a new beginning for a couple. It is the start of your family, which is why maternity portraits are so meaningful. A maternity photo is a beautiful testimony to your future child of the joy, expectations, and excitement you, as a parent, experience. From a parent’s perspective, it is the occasion to capture life as a two before your bundle of joy arrives. However, these photos already show that your baby was part of your life even before their birth.

#2. Newborn shot

New parents are keen to share the delightful news with everyone. But what better way to do so than by reaching out to professional newborn photographers? Of course, this may not compare with the intimate selfie you first took while holding your baby. But a newborn photo is something different. It is a celebration of the new member of the family, making sure that your baby is comfortable and natural. You can find the right style for your taste and pick something that matches your family.

#3. Toddler’s first step

Every parent wants to capture their child’s first steps – or the nearly first ones. Toddlers’ portraits are popular because they can be playful and fun. Toddlers are happy to pose briefly and engage with their surroundings so that you can expect exciting, cute, and lively photos. It’s the best time to discover your child’s personality! And seriously, wouldn’t a toddler’s photo look fantastic on your wall?

#4. First day at school

Is your little darling ready for school? You want to make sure you can record their first day. It will act as a sweet pendant to the graduation photo at the end of their school years. The typical first day of school photo should include a sign that states the name of the teacher, the name of the school, and some of your child’s favorite things at the time. It’ll be a lovely walk down memory lane when they are older!

#5. Yearly family portraits

Last but not least, if your family loves to prepare a Christmas photo, it can be a nice addition to the photo album. Yearly Christmas photos are a lot of fun, regardless of age. You can create exciting themes for young ones, but also witty scenes for older children. Seasonal PJs are a favorite for younger and older ones, for instance.


Are you ready to start your memory photo album? Do make sure to schedule professional sessions with a photographer for the best results. Portraits are always best shot by a pro. But don’t be shy about everyday photos either! You want a healthy mixture of memories for your album.


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